Boost Your Twitter Following in 15 Minutes A Day

People are always trying to increase their twitter following for whatever reason. For some it’s for social proof and for some it’s because they need to increase their reach. However many end up being fooled by some twitter apps which spam their wall. There is no need for that; I use a different method to get followers. This one gets you your first 2000 and you’ve probably heard of it.


I’ve seen some do it right and others go about it the wrong way, that’s what I can say. All you have to remember is that you cannot really buy true twitter followers because followers are human beings. Ask yourself. When have you ever received payment to follow anyone?

The fact is you follow people of common interest or people that can lead you. Something you can truly benefit from.

If you are not a big celebrity who has been on television numerous times, you will not get 100’s of thousands of real followers. Unless you are cool with buying fake followers. Here in this post I am talking to people that need their true following and am not saying all people should follow this. If you are a celebrity who gets high media coverage, people will automatically look for you and follow you. This is more for startups or rising people that need that first crowd that will put them out there. I call them micro-celebrities.

Here is how it works… 15 minutes.

Suppose you have a blog that gives relationship advice but you are new. It is obvious you are looking for followers that will be interested in relationships or relationship advice. Though everyone gets into relationships we cannot assume that everyone wants to see relationship advice in their twitter feed. At this point you have few twitter followers. Follow these steps…

If your twitter account is new

Open the twitter account and start tweeting daily and following just a few people. Engage with everyone you’re interested in, retweets and reply, do this for about 2 weeks until your twitter account is naturally in its early 100’s. Just simply google love quotes perhaps or (if you are about soccer google soccer facts).

Keep your behavior natural or twitter will suspend your account if you over-follow people. Then you can move to the next step

If your twitter account is old

If you’ve been on twitter for a while you’ve probably got around 163 followers or around that figure. You got these naturally perhaps. Now what you need to do… perhaps you need followers that need relationship advice…

No problem.

Visit a twitter profile that offers the same but that already has many followers. They don’t have to be thousands. Carefully follow ordinary people that follow those accounts, for 15 minutes a day.

Ordinary non-celebrity people are Afraid to lose follows and often follow back as soon as they see the notification. For some it may take up to two weeks. Do this everyday and you will see your followers boost. The good part is these will be people that already care about what you talk about because you took them from someone they follow who does the same.

In Zimbabwean Hip-hop for example if people already follow @PushZW or @Mcpotar they are likely to like  Hip-hop already since these accounts mostly talk about Zimbabwean Hip-hop. It is a clever move for an artiste who is struggling with a following to simply follow their followers and I’ve done this for a lot of clients whom I cannot reveal.

But you can trust that I’ve boosted many twitter accounts into their first 2000 followers using this method.

Follower Ratio

Now you will notice that as you do this, some people will not follow back immediately or at all and you will begin to follow more people than that follow you. A twitter account with 300 followers and 960 followed can be unattractive. So what do you do?

You give a grace period of a week to 2 weeks to your new follows, then use a tool such as to unfollow all unmutual followers. After you rinse them from your system, you copy the followers of a different account and so forth till you have an authoritative number of followers.


While you do all this just remember you still have to engage with the new follow backs as they come. Not just to thank them for new follows but to build rapport. Remember your aim is to have people click your links. People usually click links of people who previously have shown interest in what they do too.

Hope this little article has been very helpful. Let me know in the comments and like my page.(here)

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