Boneman Desperately trying To Be Xndr Before Gaining Influence

In the past few weeks as we know, the rapper Boneman has been on an attention seeking campaign in which he calls out people in a hope to get famous. He himself does not really deny this as he is running some get famous campaign which is working pretty well as this may be the second publication about him. Somebody probably fed him the lie that all publicity is good publicity (a major lie that makes artistes destroy their images yearly).

I suppose this young guy is trying to apply the type of freedom of speech, Rehab leader Xndr employs in his posts except that Boneman is not good at being Xndr. When Xndr does it it’s 65 likes. When Boneman does it? As it is its still 11 likes or so. It has no flesh, it’s just bony and skeletal. The difference is Boneman calls out names; Xndr insinuates stuff in a very clever way. Furthermore Xndr has gained enough social capital over the years to have such voice. That persona cannot be faked or forged. You cannot be Xndr if you’re not Xndr. You cannot be Provokatif if you’re not Mcpotar. You cannot get away with bars about being ‘a god’ if you’re not Begotten Sun and you cannot get away with pics at Joina City shanks if you’re not Schingy.

The people mof Zimhiphop cannot accept a carbon copy. It’s good to learn from number one but if you’re a man you need to stand on your own two and do you. I saw a Boneman post where he challenged Sp3kk to do a diss track for him featuring Noble Stylz. No Boneman – that’s not going to happen, people get in the booth for people who matter. Get influence first. Real positive influence. Don’t be up on your wall saying “Oh they’ve blogged about me again”. Like you didn’t want us to pick up on that story to pick up on it. Like you’re not happy. Boneman is the type of guy who spreads rumours about himself.

Boneman be like – “Hey guys did you hear that my  girl dumped me?” just to be talked about in the hood. But see at the same time he is trying to be a little cocky with his posts. But he is not good at doing that. He just isn’t and I feel Xndr should stop this kid and sit him down unless he doesn’t care about this kid. The kid is trying to be him but is doing dismally at it.

In the post I responded to with a video I did notice he desperately tagged people he thought to be influential including Xndr and well I knew he was seeking attention. I always deliver the product. I am unapologetically a king of sarcasm and a fair animator. I thought why not give this child the attention he is looking for. Nothing against him. Now I don’t know if he is being instructed to always take these poor shots by someone or these are his own foolish thoughts but I do know he will desperately share this post. (Because someone lied to him that ball publicity matters). I’m not sure why I saw a post about him and Sp3kktrumn fighting but I think he is just being childish about this whole fame thing.

When has fame ever paid anyone in Zimbabwe properly? Look, Sp3kk is an intellectual, he blogs and raps for fun. As much as I do, I started doing rap again after I graduated and that’s the difference between me and these young guys. These children are trying to dedicate their future generations to music but that’s okay because many have made a living through music. But it is stupid to burn bridges and possible fruitful relationships with the people in an industry you want to eat from. Do you understand?

I can afford to say stuff I say, because even if 500 people unliked my page today. I’d still be eating from my main profession and in case you hadn’t figured that out, that’s exactly why I am not chasing fame with him and others. I’m just a deep hip-hop fan who runs his opinion. But today I want these children to realize that what works for Xndr, Noble Stylz or Begotten Sun doesn’t work for them.

Xndr or Begotten can say something today that many bootlickers will applaud to though it may conflict their core values. If you go ahead and try the same thing it’s going to backfire on you and before you know it you have killed your reputation.

Finally, instead of putting up some desperate ass post to rant about this after reading this, just leave it and start doing the right way and stop trying to be Xndr. You’re bad at being him.

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