Bloggers Should Stop Instigating War In Hip-hop – 8L Speaks

One of the players in the Zimbabwean Hip-hop industry, 8L (Blessed Zikhali) has taken to Facebook to air his views about how bloggers may be stimulating beef and hatred amongst fellow artistes. Zikhali has said that it may seem that bloggers are thirsty to see a fight amongst artistes and producers in the game, which is regressive to the movement.

“WORD ON THE STREETS: ZimHipHop Bloggers are NOT uniting HipHop. While l dont subscribe to the ratcheting that happens in HipHop, I have seen bloggers so THIRSTY to see a fight brew among artists. Yall know l never encourage beefing altho its part of the Art, but the moment you see a blogger surfacing its coz they picked some “AROMA” that maybe maybe maybe maybe someone is Thinking of STARTING to BEGIN to START something closer to BEEF. This last statement seek to emphasize how SMALL that element is but BLOGGERS will use that TELESCOPE to SEE IT and then use atomic elements to magnify IT. I am no authority but I will be happy to see bloggers put out music, interview artists, profile artists and built fortitude to the community about the Good part of the music industry. I know controversy attracts attention BUT are you going to wait for a kid to misbehave to write about HipHop? Artists have to resort to CONTROVESY inorder to get coverage and that is no good at all! We sometimes need unity of purpose to push this genre. Zimhiphop awards are coming, l expect bloggers to put highlights of this event, offer insights to support and benefit this biggest event, give coverage to outside Harare artists. People are watching us, corporates, stakeholders, players etc but when we give rhythm to this ratcheting we are not going anywhere, it will HURT me if you are the 1st to start writing that Zim hiphop community gat nothing to offer. WE NEED YOU BLOGGERS PLEASE. This is my appraisal not an ATTACK to our important stakeholder. I aint saying DO NOT publish the ills however also put out work and do not wait for us to misbehave to write about us, I wuld have said leave that to HMetro and fortunately HMetro has published a LOT OF GOOD abt artists. My name is 8L.
PS: I DONT HAVE BEEF WITH YOU, shout to McPotar for being with us.”

Note that 8L has not attacked this platform before proceeding. The information that follows is for your general knowledge and to clear some misconceptions.

The Issue Of Reach

I think to a certain extent this may seem true depending how we look at it. In reality, Spekk’s blog for example writes new content on artistes almost daily and so does this blog. Meaning there are hundreds of positive articles written daily but not shares as much as the few that actually talk about beef.  An estimated 6% of articles touches on beef, but the 94% that talks about new talent fails to get as much visits, reach and shares. Only the member of Zim Hip-hop community can improve these metrics by sharing and reading stuff about other people.

Examples: Check The reach on the artiste review then check the reach on the Beef Review


Reached 40 people in 4 Days....
Reached 40 people in 4 Days….
Reached above 2000 reach in 1 day. Coz its beef
Reached above 2000 reach in 1 day. Coz its beef

The Issue Of Cliques

I have again also observed that a lot of people do not read an article about someone new, or someone they have never heard of. Regardless, I have personally introduced a lot of new artistes, this month Pmula, Dopeboy, Chukwi among others, but I struggled to get them, visits or even anyone to comment. The norm is people read and share about someone affilliated with them. If Chukwi doesn’t have a label, he struggles to share his link alone. It’s really sad.

The Issue Of Quality

This blog receives more international visits than Zimbabwean and we always want to present them Zim’s quality content. We can no longer leave that to chance and review someone who is not serius about his or her craft just so that he feels good. When an American clicks that link and hears some of the stuff sent to me they may never return to my blog again and will unfollow me on twitter. The only discrimination against anyone is “wack-ism”.

Issue of Respect, Quantity vs. Newsworthy Topics

Whilst you may have sent a track 3 weeks ago and your review is being made, a track like Marques – Who Got Next is something that’s going to fade if we let it go. So we pick up on it while we work on yours. This week I postponed Dopeboys review to Saturday because I knew that Ventilation article would overshadow him. Postponing his review worked in his best interests otherwie he would have gotten zero reads.

However when Dopeboy felt as if I had forgotten him he decided to attack me in a Facebook post which I untagged myself from. I was very disappointed. Thanks to my girl, I still managed to upload his post anyway as I had planned. Other people who have attacked me whilst I was in the middle of their reviews are K.O, Raheem King (on behalf of The Slayer) and even Brythreesixty.

Way Forward

I appeal to all members of Hip-hop to share any post on any artiste even if the person is not in their team. My only payment for doing this is seeing a readership.

Like Blessed has preached, Let’s be united. Bloggers let’s keep pushing. Follow me @Mcpotar



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