Blogger Spekktrumn Releases Wavaona On i-tunes

Coming off Spekktrumn’s 2014 Le Lux Opal Royale project of 2014, Wavaona has been released to i-tunes store and other online retail stores as Spekktrumn has been in the dojo to work hard on promoting the project again. The song originally featured Ti Gonzi and Navy Seal, with the instrumental made by 4uxion (fusion).

The song is about how hje and his boys represent Hip-hop and kicks off with the hilarious bars of Ti Gonzi which are filled with Shona wordplay and such. Navy Seal brings in the uptown gangster seasoned accent to represent the other side of Zim Hip-hop and the main man destroys the last verse with lyricism in English.

Navy Seal and Ti Gonzi are both 2015 Zim Hip-hop Award winners and trust me when I say Spekktrum is possible the biggest online promoter at the moment in the independent blogosphere.

What a song.

Rumour has it a video is being made and the concept will be incredible. Well we will be the judges of whether it’s anything to go by.


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