Black Fin (@FreeBlackFin) Has The Best Artiste Website Yet in Zim

While I was surfing online my little brother Sharky (@IamSharkyZim) showed me this amazing Zimbabwean Hip-hop artiste site. The site is owned by Black Fin a Zimbabwean Hip-hop artiste I just heard of 5 minutes ago but I must say his website is mind blowing. The design is stellar and it inclined itself for a blogpost.

He is using it to promote his mixtape titled HOKOYO and you have to sort of hover around symbols and letters to get each track. This is something Kanye West would do but better (if you ask me). He has embraced design on his website to fulfil the one goal of making you want to click on that mixtape and I am downloading it as we speak. If he maintains this direction consistently he is on the right path. I remember when I was giving props to Cal_Vin’s website and branding sometime, way before the Cassper feature and look at the places he has been now.

Black Fin likewise cannot go wrong with this branding. This is phenomenal. It make you want to book him and I must say it also is a wake up call for those who still only market via Facebook.

A lot of artistes under-estimate the power of owning a website in artiste branding and only a few out of the thousands have invested in websites. I think a website an opportunity to stand out in a noisy industry and tell your own stories. Your news should first be told by you before someone else. No matter what Wikipedia may say about Eminem we will always check with what the Eminem website says.

I am impressed by the branding done by this man and who ever is in the team that manages him (if he isn’t a one man army). I advise everyone with a good browser to go out and check out this website.


Hokoyo Black Fin

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