BhoTsano and Garai Pasi Released On 1 Jan 2016 – (#Hiphop)

Tehn Diamond and Simba Tagz much anticipated Bho Tsano has dropped on the first day of the year. On the other side of town Don Cavelle , Sharky and Chizzoe have also dropped mad bars in a song titled “Garai Pasi”. Both are fantastic tyracks and I will talk about them briefly.

First things first,sit down. Garai Pasi, you can’t read the Potardent’s posts whilst standing.

Garai Pasi is a switched on braggadocio track. Not only does it enthuse us with deep cutting bars, but also the delivery keeps us interested because it challenges the beat. Sharky Kicks in with a switched on flow, so does Tehn Diamond in Bho Tsano From the trending AKA type delivery pattern which he switches into other delivery patterns. I learnt that there are six delivery patterns there.

The content on Tehn Diamond’s Bho Tsano is centred on proving condescending naysayers wrong. Tehn is talking about how he is winning, whilst his rivals continually say negative things to discredit his mileage in the game.

“Hanzi akasara (asi ndiri bho tsano)” is the central part of the hook. Catchy but also breifing us on the central theme of the song. Simba Tagz is on this hook.

He talks about sitting before his grand’pa in his early days to listen to advice on how hard work pays off, his ambitions to make money faster and accomplish his goals. The rapper also asks God to return and restrain his enemies from hating from him in the sub-hook.

Garai Pasi telling all rappers who give themselves titles to “sit down”. The song contains a lot of wordplay and has an unconvitional structure. The message is also l targeted at haters, real or imagined just like in the Tehn Diamomd Bho Tsano theme.

Sharky talks about how he is working to rise in an industry that doesn’t seem to want to pay for his talent. Soko mentions that he is tired of being paid by props. His verse is dope but I think it was strange to have the Zulu like sample right in the middle of the song.

Chizzoe comes through on second verse the song wit strong bars. “You claim you got bars/ Now welcome to the prison break” is one of the punchlines that caught me. Also a line where he says , “Gai matoziva kuti pano ndo pa instrumental cemet’ry,” – He kills beats no doubt.

The hook kicks in, discredting self crowned kings.

Don Cavelle, the track owner finishes off with a brilliant last verse. he ridicules those who self crown themselves as Kings of North or South  (Samora). He also has punchlines in his bag

“Spittin this mathematics since I stepped on the scene/

If you saying my rhymes is average you really saying they mean”

The mixing and mastering of Bho Tsano is stellar. Simba Tagz is a deity in this thing, I really loved the clarity and instrumentation with samples. The Victor Enlisted production on Garai Pasi was great too.

It’s good to begin the year with two brand new tracks.

Download Garai Pasi

Download Bho Tsano



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