Behind The Scenes With Dir Quence – Creator of @Zaangoma

Little is known about the life stories of the creators of Zaangoma Hip-hop Show which is gradually taking over the Hip-hop arena as early adopters have endorsed that it’s what the industry needed. I set out to get a few facts about the mind behind the camera and the graphics you see on Zaangoma, Mr Quinton Mutsinze also known as Quence “Mosh”.

Quence revealed that he has been in the industry for about four years though being involved in media was a passion he got in his teenage years after watching great films like Harry Potter. Initially he wanted to be a pilot and part time radio and club DJ. Well his dream of being a DJ did come true when he found himself DJing at events in Gweru around 2013 and also turning some knobs at Star FM as a producer and presenter mentored by KVG (Kudzai Violet Gwara). However the passion for being a pilot faded away though he is now the creator of the pilot season of Zaangoma. Zaangoma is a hip-hop show which plans to spread Zimbabwean Hip-hop through great visual treatment and he has engaged with a network of creatives like Tadiwa Chimbodza, Sharky , Lee Millz, R.Peels, The Hitmen and myself to create an astounding show.

“One of my dreams within the big dream is to be one of the best television show producers, hence I created a show that I felt would have an impact on the desired viewers”- Quence

Quinton "Quence Motion" Mutsinze
Quinton “Quence Motion” Mutsinze

To do this he liased with Mcpotar.Com to outsource the people who would understand the dream and shape  Zaangoma, knowing that each unit had its strength. The Hitmen would create the instrumentals, Quence would do the visual art, I would do the outsourcing and content and Tadiwa would make the best presenter for that show.

“They are people I believe share the same artistic sense as me and also people I identify with. People with a vision to be the best in what they do without compromising the other.”- Quence

The young creative also said his father has been very supportive in getting him into institutions that developed his brand as an artiste and he has always got support from his mother.

“My father researched institutions best to help me achieve my dream. My friends Michael Vincent and aunts always advise me on how to improve.”

Zaangoma Episode 1 one was praised on many quarters but also met with a lot of criticism. However Quence showed that Zaangoma was there for the people with episode 2 improving on the areas early adopters pointed out. Even great people in the media have noted the growth of the show and believe it is something Hip-hop has been missing this is why the team has not failed to get the big Hip-hop legends into their chairs.

Quence has been under the tutelage of Nafuna TV’s Nqobizitha “Enqore” Mlilo, who was in 2014 nominated and enlisted as a Google African Innovator. He has worked with Mahaka Media, Pastime Edutainment Trust and is currently at HWMiT Joe Public working as the visual director.

He also directed my 2014 video Popota among other stunning jobs he has done. Many billboard animations in the city today are the work of Quinton Mutsinze of Quence Motion.

If you haven’t watched Zaangoma, you can stream it below or head staright to QuenceMotion youtube channel and subscribe.

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