Behind The Ishy X and Ti Gonzi Hip-hop Beef

A few weeks ago we saw T1 Wema1 repost two screenshots from 2 big lyrical battle rappers, Ti Gonzi and Ishy X and it wasn’t looking good. The post revealed that there is rivalry between the 2 and it is not a sporty beef from what I see. I set out to investigate what this is all about. I love to give opinions but with such matters it’s about getting views from both sources.

In a brief interview with Ishy X, when I asked how he and Ti Gonzi went from dropping freestyle clips together under Xndr’s  Team Rehab, Ishy X replied, ” Rehab has got a lotta artistes, I never really noticed Ti Gonzi. You can never fall out if you never stood together.”

On the other hand Ti Gonzi accused Ishy X of being jealous of him. He also revealed that they had a near-violent confrontation at Sphynx and claims that Ishy X was not amused by his admiration for the Team Bho hustle. Apparently that’s when a scuffle began.

“I was just talking to guys and he was like, “Wakubhohwa nenyaya ye Team Bho,” (You are now annoying us, with the team bho issue).” Ti Gonzi says. He also claims to have been forced to admit that his inspiration was Ishy X, “He was forcing me to admit that he inspires me, I refused ’cause he doesn’t then he started beating my chest, he has been attacking me on Social Media saying he wants to battle me and that I don’t deserve the best freestyle award that I won last year.”

Well it seems like whatever happened with the punchline King and Zvenyu hitmaker is not a simple case. They evidently hate each others guts right now yet they are some of the most lyrically dope punch-liners in Zimbabwean Hip-hop. In my opinion Ti Gonzi break out from Team Rehab during the “hatitambwe idzodzo” misunderstanding partly led to this.  Rehab emcees that were once cool broke away and took sides.

This has escalated into a potentially violent beef.

“Put two male lions in the same cage and they will eat each other. It’s just sad that Ti Gonzi is the weaker lion,” – Ishy X said with humour. Ishy X elaborated that he is ready to battle rap Ti Gonzi at the Zim Hip-hop awards and officially reign over him.

“…It’s going to be an epic battle where only one man is going to be left standing.” – Ishy X

“I am a freestyle rapper bro, before the hits I was a battle rapper. At the awards we gonna go with the judges requirements, but I would love a rap battle with him, just that we need security caus he hates me and has been violent before.” – Ti Gonzi

There you have it we await fireworks at the Zim Hip-hop Awards 2015. Hopefully this time there will be artistic and peaceful confrontation as we seek to build hip-hop more and more.

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