Begotten Sun Challenges Mcpotar To Give Objective Coverage

Zimbabwean Hip-hop icon and guru, Begotten Sun has through his twitter account today mentioned his opinions about the fairness of coverage by Mcpotar.Com towards current Hip-hop beef. Begotten Sun is known to air his opinions and most of them I can admit are always essential in pointing out thins that facilitate the growth of the genre.

Begotten Sun Zim

Iwe just read like 3 articles on ur site that feel like ur no longer objective in coverage. Don’t Benzino ur brand.

He said early this morning. I also later disccussed with him my take on all the issues he addressed but basically he was saying even Hip-hop with less lyricism must be allowed to breathe in order for Hip-hop to be balanced and be fun. The Hip-hop icon mentioned that no one could dance to the conscious tracks (which this blog loves).

Without the fly kids and knuckle heads u Niggers will be bombarded by that yawn worthy back packer bullsh** no dj plays.

Remember The Source. Benzino owned it and also rapped. He was average as fuck but got beats & feats. Take back ur power ZimHiphop

(What he means in that tweet is The Source is analogous to what Mcpotar.Com does, also was owned by a conscious rapper like I am)

Humourous as it may sound he makes a very great point there, even this site does actually cover many turn up tracks . The agenda has never been to eliminate all club music and we have certainly covered a lot of “dance worthy” tracks. Begotten Sun is however right to actually stand and air this as it is based on posts about Team Bho which is the SI Unit of young turn up music in Zimbabwe. Without those guys we definitely will face a crisis. This blog has reviewed through my Facebook Profile  before that Schingy and Kidd Active are some of the most searched for artistes that have ever been featured on the Mcpotar blog.

Kidd Active Mp3I managed to retrieve this picture but the one before this post had mentioned why it would be a good idea to have a collaboration of both Kidd Active and Schingy. There is absolutely love for the sub-genre these 2 represent and the posts done previously about DJ Towers and Team Bho may have been very opinionated but were more inclined to the behaviour than the music. It is sometimes really hard to divorce blog post from notions Bloggers may have about certain sub-genres but we thank Mr. Musasiwa for pointing out how we should get back where we began. I will confess that we have covered certain stories with traffic spike benefits as I mentioned in the post when 8L addressed the fueling of Hip-hop Beef by bloggers.

(Bloggers usually means Mcpotar, just as The Church in History texts usually means The Roman Catholic Church, The Party means Zanu PF…. you get the gist?)

At The End Of The Day

I think at the end of the day, there also has to arise bloggers that are sympathetic to things less covered by this blog, for example I have always suggested that there be someone out there who covers events, graffiti art, crunk and so forth. I have essentially tried to bring these different perspectives by getting Mimy Huney and Terence K. Machisa who are much younger than me to blog and for the first time, some artistes I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed made it into this platform.

If any bloggers would like tips, tricks and educational resources on how to set up to cater for things I overlook feel free to message on I will take time to send you stuff I read and stuff I’ve discovered on my own. This may be my most objective post of the month!!!

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