Beefy To Step Down From Zim Hip-hop Awards : Fresh Blood To Run Things

I have been reliably clued-up that Adrian “Beefy” Harrison the chairman of Zim Hip-hop Awards is stepping down from his position this year as the award ceremonial reaches its 5th year. This transition will obviously receive a lot of mixed feelings from Hip-hop business stakeholders, artistes, producers and core-fans as his leadership has been under scrutiny since the award show began.

Beefy At 2014 Zim Hip-hop Awards.
Beefy At 2014 Zim Hip-hop Awards.

I have previously assaulted the event through words on this blog. Many of us have done it left, right and centre on personal Facebook walls, twitter feeds and in Whatsapp forums whilst some blogs such as PushZW and Bars 263 did look at the brighter side of the work he has done but of course giving him a few punches in between hugs. What we call “kuruma vachifuridzira” (Subliminal criticism) in the Shona Language. Scores of underground Hip-hop artistes like Amiz, NobleStylz and Faceless along with others have attacked the award show by various means for opacity in the selection criterion. Certain promoters have proceeded to say they could arrange a better award show. In a capsule a lot has been whispered, howled out and written previously and many are already wondering how much influence Beefy will have on the event from the outside.

Of course there are many sympathetic to this Harrison. People who say he is a game-changer and challenge his naysayers to walk the talk. With no doubt, those who have said they could stage better awards for the past years have not come up with their claims in the physical realm. It’s always a discussion that happens in December after their hopefuls have not been nominated. – Sour grapes.

Has Beefy succumbed to the pressure of our collective criticism? Has he found it less lucrative to fund?

“I will still fund the event as usual but will not be involved in the running of the organization. I’m doing this cause I have other projects I’m pursuing in the music industry such as the Hip-hop Fund that I’m launching this December. This is a fund that’ll fund local Hip-hop artistes.”- Beefy

Well besides the Changamire Festival which is once monthly, Beefy will be opening two night-clubs within the next 2years. The first will be open this August and another during the course of 2016. There is also a notion to engage more women in the next panel and the move besides his busy schedule has also been done to accommodate fresh blood into the veins of the organ. The Changamire Festival has been doing fairly well though there is still a lot of work to be done in giving artistes themselves direction so that they harvest the most of these platforms.

The in-coming board will be declared at this year’s award ceremony in December. I wonder who will be made chairman after Beefy and if he will manage the demands of the mob. I believe that man or woman should not be very impulsive as the daggers that we always hold can provoke anger. One should have a good resolve to hold such office.

As a leader I believe, Adrian will brief the next man on what to expect from us the Hip-hop Police. The man should also find ways to improve the idea and give it a new touch. Which-ever the case, I guess despite our grievances we still owe it to Mr. Harrison for pioneering a certified podium that acknowledges the art of Hip-hop in Zimbabwe.

Finally please share with me your thoughts on this issue via Facebook (Mcpotar page) and Twitter (@Mcpotar) and even suggest the names of people you think will don that robe.


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