Beautiful Women – N’yasha Dame – Happy Birthday

N’yasha Dame is one of the most amazing ladies i met in 2012 that i do not regret meeting. She had a passion for music and her core beliefs and ambition resonated with my level of thought so we instantly became friends. Exciting to talk to, sometimes flirty, she really motivated me to keep writing at the time. I would send her a few of my little writings.

Well today N’yasha Tannia Ngwena has turned 25 and it’s 2014. She told me she’s spend the day at Uni today so the day wouldn’t be as energetic as she needed it to be, but well I believe she’s making some progress in what she’s going to Uni for. She managed to help my home boy Navy seal get on that This Is Africa Hits last year and that was a milestone. I was impressed to see that project go through and her career is growing. She has also kept links with us back home which is something we pray she will continue throughout her existence. Her legacy will never be forsaken, she is destined to be a force.

She has been growing up and becoming stronger each day, we share diaries, testimonies and we are yet to share successes. I’ll leave you to read something she wrote on her birthday in 2011. To her finally i say Happy Birthday Nyasha, stay motivated, don’t look back… world is hurtful…. but champions keep up.


16 January 2011 at 04:10



Here I Stand, bold, proud and strong again. Blessed with a new year, buzzing with excitement and purpose. The Lord on my side, all my trust all faith I have chosen to put in Him. 22 years old and still am becoming TANNIA NYASHA NGWENA.


2010 was a year of immense reflection and introspection. I have never doubted myself like I did last year. I have never felt life drained from me, felt so miserable and depressed like I did last year. Come to think of it, I have never felt so alone like I did last year – and to think I had just turned 21 makes the memory sadder. But, I do not look back in disappointment, but instead I look back in gratitude. Last year taught me to DEFINE and REFINE the lady in me, it helped me carve out a better version of me. it allowed me all the hardship I needed to go through to stregthen me and focus my mind. I was bruised and broken but never was I defeated.


Today I sit infront of my lap top, typing away and vowing to CLAIM this year, claim the life I know I am destined to live out. 2011 is my year of REALISATION, i have dubbed it my harvest season. Fellow friends and family, we live and we learn that much is true. We think and we create that too is real. Becoming a master of our thoughts is one step to realising our fullest potential. But laying our TRUST and FAITH in GOD is the ultimate step we must all take. For alone we are sure to fall!!


PURPOSE gives us REASON that in turn gives us MOTIVATION and all three combined give us FULFILLMENT!! Choose to be happy this year, choose to follow your heart and look out for you shining and guiding light. Think BIGGER this year! Allow INSPIRATION to speak to you, listen to your inner voice, strengthen your SPIRIT by seeking God first. Enrich and Enlighten yourself. Find love and peace in all you do. We are all inter-related and inter-dependant of one another, let us find joy in each others happiness and let us be encouraging of each others dreams and aspirations.


The Dame as I am known is just blossoming into something bigger and something better. My music, My business, My story, My love and My life – I shall soon share all of this and more. I am so excited and sooo optimistic about the year ahead. I know myself to be a blessed and highly favored child of God and I want to share all the goodness and love that is bubbling in my heart and my soul.


I love you all and wish you a blessed year of great real achievement, a year of fulfilled dreams and realised destinies.


Be Inspired and Stay Blessed




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