Beat Makers – Who To Give Free Beats and Who to Sell To

Now too many of you guys have a cracked version of FL Studio in your bootlegged Windows 8 on that Fridge power supply laptop whatever… lol. The good thing is you’re actually good at making beats, mainly because you learnt how to play the keyboard at church. Mainly because you download Youtube tutorials and get packs and mainly because Kanye taught you a bit of sampling.



But mainly your problem is you’re not making much from it sometimes. In fact you end giving your beats to your rapper hommie you came up with. He’s not blowing up though, you just wish Tehn Diamond or something would cop your beat and in your mind he aint gotta pay. He is Tehn….

Free Beats

Or in your mind he has gotta pay? Which is which?

Okay let’s look at this way.

You have a hommie that does accounting at Midlaands State University. He spits hard bars but he has to make time for school. Chances are life will catch up with this guy and he will sit on all the tracks you gave him free beats for. Plus he claims he does “hip-hop for the love”. He will not usually expect to pay though. So currently you’re giving him the beats free. Cool – (We will catch up on this)

Now you get this popular figure but you need him to ride your beat so that your name goes viral. He is full time in Hip-hop. Performs, sells merchandise and has many groopies. Nice, so you don’t actually feel like you should charge him either. I mean he is branding you right cool?

So who is paying?

Okay let me help you a little bit here. If you’re not doing this for the love then there is no free lunch. There is no point in you spending hours in whatever software to give some University friend abeat to sit on or  and play tennis with. He should pay, especially because paying will make him serious about pushing the song. Trust me he will put a whole lot of effort to market it. It’s not like he will cut you cheques of his salary after he gets a job from his degree or diploma.

Who else is paying?

The superstar guy is paying. Either a once off payment or here’s a better deal…

Strike a deal.

This guy performs, sells, caps, t-shirts and so forth. The only reason it sells is because he is relevant and the reason he is relevant is partly his talent and partly your input for giving him beats. So if you’re going to give Cassper Nyovest a free beat at least agree to a commission on each show, merchandise sold and so forth for a certain period of time. I mean think about it.

PHD throws The Art Department a beat, Ride With Us perhaps. He gives them for free but the song trends and Art Depaartment starts getting shows and performing the song over and over again, making miraculous cash and PHD doesn’t get a cent?

He can’t go back to signing contracts at this point and for all we know, more opportunities will arrive but the ignition of interest would have been that beat.


Do you understand the value of your art?

If you agree or disagree please talk to me on @Mcpotar on twitter on this topic. Let’s have this conversation.


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