AWA’s Marketing Genius Decyphered In One Post

If you read this headline and do not already know Awa, I promise you will love her by the end of the headline (No, I don’t mean love her that way).

Awa Khiwe is a Zimbabwean born female hip-hop artiste who despite being given limited airplay by radio has managed to tour the world for Hip-hop.  She is in Germany and has been nominated for many awards, scooping many as well.  It seems like luck to the blind eye but it is a design.

Here are festivals she have been part of:

01.  Intwasa festival (Zim)
02.  Shoko Festival (Zim) (twice)
03.  Tostrassen Festival (Germany)
04.  Shambala Festival(U.K) (twice)
05.  Greenbelt Festival(U.K)
06. Festival Number (U.K)
07. Freedom Festival(U.K)
08. Urban Africa Festival(Germany)
09. Africa Is The Future Festival (Belgium)
10. We make waves festival(German
11. Afrika Film Festival (Germany)
12. Journeys (UK)

That is a total of 12 festivals and 14 appearances all without a cosign from mainstream radio in Zimbabwe. In fact the people endorsed on national radio may be far from achieving this.

See A-W-A as an acronym is African Woman Arise. – I will expand on this momentarily.

A-W-A also happens to dress culturally and traditionally. Her make up is not the typical western face powder. It is representative of Ndebele culture. She is has bi-tribal roots. Ndebele/Tonga.

Her sound is representative of the Ndebele look. Even though Hi-hop is borrowed from the Bronx she fuses it with a sound that respresents Ndebele culture.

The Name

The first thing that represents you in any business is your name. If your name already is creative, people already have the impression that you are indeed creative.

Her name says a bold statement to embody her message and it reflects her confidence and her revolutionary attitude. If she were dorcile, she probably would not have a name with arise in it.

If she were apologetic for her femininity she probably wouldn’t put effort to be a force in a male dominated genre. Her approach is reflective of a woman willing to rise and win  on merit . It also embraces her African-ness.

You must understand that an African Woman is first prejudiced for being black, then after she is black for not being male.

Awa has already set a statement within her name to debunk that.

The Dressing

If you went to see a dentist and signed the forms and everything then got into the consultation room and saw someone dressed like a karate fighter and they said they were the dentist. Would you trust hiim or feel confident that you are in the right place.

I mean look at that guy?

I f somebody said they were a mechanic and dressed in a greasy definitely believe them.

Now I once said on Facebook, Awa reminds me of Warhol. Andy Warhol, one of the greatest artistes to walk this earth ever.

She sellls art in the form of music, but her name is artistic… her image is an artpiece.

You can technically do print outs of how she looks in her pictures and sell it to people who love pphotography as a type of visual art. It will not be about the camera angle or the photographers expertise per se. It will be more how she is already presented as the art piece itself.

Now if a dentist must look like someone who is in the medical field, a mechanic like someone who has been under a car, why do artistes go around saying they do art when they themselves are not the first art-piece.

Take a look at these and challenge me if I am wrong.


People who have never known she is in music may buy that on the basis of loving good visuals.

Now I didn’t know at the time I thought of this that Awa’s images are already being used in Art galleres in Germany.

The Music

That is the final piece. The effort on brand identity would lose it’s soul if the music didn’t  match.

After-all the dentist in Karate clothes would win over a Dentist in medical robes wouldn’t he. If he were given benefit of doubt.

She has worked on her craft to match her name and her clothing. The trinity of Name, appearance and Sound is an acronym of NAS and thus represents the solution of the rubix cube to this question of brand identity, music and marketing genius.

her mastery in performance allows her to earn because  what you really sell when you do a show is the “experience”.

Someone who watches the DVD but was never there will never feel the spiritual energy that embodies a performance and thus performance ins not piratable on Pirate Bay or Audio Castle, Datafile host.

She has invested hours in the one thing music fans will always be satisfied with from the source.

In A Capsule

Awa can sell

Inspiration – Because she is already an icon, from numerous awards attained . She can be hired to motivate people
Fashion and Style – She already dresses amazingly different
Visual Art – She is already in art galleries.
Activism – She is already promoting  an “African Women Arise” cause in her name alone.
Music – Because she became all this whilst making her music known.

We must not forget she is also an ambassador whilst doing it as she has incorporated a lot of identity in her approach. So now others can know that there is Ndebele dress and Ndebele mindset and Ndebele people are from Southern Africa. Zimbabwean women can be didactic, intellectual and sexy all in one.

She is not replicating the Brooklyn narrative but rather pursuing enlightenment of the Bulawayo reality.

Feel free to comment below on what you think about this artist.  Follow her on Facebook via this link.



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