Award Winning Fun F Produces Noble Stylz – Mari Kuna Papa

Over the years I have seen no need to review Noble Stylz tracks butt have reviewed some of them nevertherless. It is a fixed match, I placed him on my default dope list with Sharky, Karma, Synik, Karizma and Munetsi.

However in case someone had not heard of God’s hip-hop gift to Masvingo. I have to once in a while not ignore this talented genius rapper and just give him his props publicly.

The new track is titled Mari Kuna Papa, if you hate reading reviews like myself reviews you can scroll to the bottom of this post for the link.

Well he went and hired in another genius to work on the instrumentation. Fun F, a producer I have seen grow from the time we undermined his contribution as an industry to the time every artiste wanted to e in on that GAJ. The producer slash rapper managed to create a stellar production for the new Noble Stylz joint.

I have always considered his chosen stage name somewhat funny, but the success he is making is definitely not funny. He has the last laugh, he is laughing to the bank with this. Mari Kuna Papa but  also Mari Kuna Fun F.

The artwork was done by currently the best Zim Hip-hop go to guy for artwork, T1 Wema1.

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Dowload Noble Stylz Mari Kuna Papa

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