Artistes Don’t Die – They Live On – Miz Tribute

Hip-hop in Zimbabwe has come a long way and many men and women have contributed to it. One of the major contributors to the popularization of this culture in both South Africa and Zimbabwe, Mizchif as you may already know, passed on last week.

He indeed did great work as he was the first to perform Hip-hop with a live band in South Africa among many other exploits. To many he was a brother, the experiences told by many of our great artistes on their wall will simply tell you that he is indeed missed for the man he was even off stage. Zim Hip-hop has expressed grief towards the untimely departure of a great king.

In my last interview with the King, his main concern was decadence of the culture of hip-hop in both mainstream and underground and I’m sure it would mean a lot to his legacy if everyone started getting back to hip-hop. We can make a change in hip-hop by analyzing how he did it and innovating that to allow him to live on in things that he stood for. Yes, artistes do not die, they live on and live on he will.

You must understand that when we speak of a figure like Mizchif as iconic, we are not just doing it to pay respects to the loss. We are doing it because this is an individual who deserves every R.I.P coming at him right now, every song or tribute being made somewhere in Southern Africa. I myself regret having procrastinated an animation project late last year with a king, it has only taught me to act in time. Tomorrow is not promised.

Farewell King. I wish we had all the answers about life and death, but you were a good soul, the journey was amazing.

Artistes don’t die, they live on.

Big Mizchif

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