Artistes And Fans Invited To Can You Kick It – Saturday 6 June

We may have lost that School of Hip-hop slot on Power FM, but we still have more ways to propagate our art. Can You Kick It is another platform where Hip-hop artistes are able to showcase their talent and it is held in Harare. I linked up with Klasiq because the 7th edition happens to be on Christy’s birthday. Christy is a female who is very much involved with elevating the Zimbabwean Hip-hop scene and is girlfriend to the G-Records producer, Klasiq.

The show will be held at the Basement, which is at the corner of L.Takawira and Parklane. That’s close to where Girls High is. It’s hosted by Big Shots in collaboration with School Of Hip-hop (SOHH) and DC Designs.

“Can you kick it is a platform for all those who love hip-hop to come together and celebrate the music from seasoned artistes to those still starting up, including the fans who love and follow the Hip-hop movement…” – Klasiq

Can You Kick It Zim Hip-hopCan You Kick It like many rising showcases is actually open to everyone who wants to showcase their skills, be it rapping, dee-jaying or break dancing. Non artistes are most welcome as well and the show has been given an Afternoon slot which is an advantage for your Hip-hop fans who may have curfew after hours. Hip-hop dominantly is an art appreciated by young people who mostly live with their parents. Twice monthly it is held from 2pm to 8pm. I encourage artistes to be there through out the show even after their friends have already performed. I have noted a tendency of artistes at these performances to perform and live. It diminishes the vision Can You Kick It is trying to fulfil.

Watch and support others guys. Entrance is $2.

“You can catch the Big Shots family, Mariachi, Zanda, Marques and some fresh new talent for example; New Kings and Tripple I there.”- Klasiq said.

To participate contactKlasiq on +263775491109

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