Are You The Artist People Are Willing To Pay?

A lot of people are in the arts but very few people are in the arts industry as much as they may assume they are. Industrializing something has everything to do with the commercial aspect and now I know many creative people wish to get to a point where they can be paid for what they do but sadly many have
e spent years without ever materializing anything.

As an info-preneur who spent many years trying to get paid for his first artistic job I will cut the journey short for you today by actually outliningthe sort of habits you need to develop and other courses of action.

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One – Be Good At What You Do

Be good at what you do and take all criticism seriously even that which you may be easily tempted to brush off as easily destructive. Some people just have a bad way of giving advice and sometimes despite their rude approach what they are telling you to consider may need attention. Do not just practice for months without ensuring that you are practicing the right way.

do not have 10 years experience of doing the wrong thing.

Two – Be Seen Doing What You Do

You know that famous exposure and props thing artistes hate but still do? – Yes do it. If you get paid while you are at it that’s great but sometimes you must swallow your pride if you are an unknown in your field and actually get into symbiotic agreements with people you can help in exchange for your exposure.  I’m actually typing tis and thinking I could use a bit more of my advice.


The world today demands a sample that you are good at what you do. A demonstration. No one is willing to pay you for what you are qualified to do, but they are willing to pay you for what you can apply from that qualification.

If you say you are a social media marketer and you have not one client whose twitter account you can prove to have boosted, even if you passed Social Media Marketing in University a serious company will still rather higher some kid who has managed to market events and himself to maybe 100,000 followers without the degree.

Now I am not saying do not do degrees. If you must get good as mentioned in step one, study is not bad. However after you study, apply what you studied and create your portfolio through the so called “free exposure”.

Free exposure is only free to unplanned artists.

Three – Set up Shop

Now that you are good and you’ve acquired a lot of exposure why don’t you start prospecting for paid jobs, using footage on how you moved the crowd in your free shows or showing them the graphics you did for so and so. See up bank accounts and even a company if need be.

Some payments may not proceed for lack of a simple bank account. It all depends who you are prospecting to. Fix where the money is going to go and how it is to be used before it is even approved.

Four – Stay Prepared
Know your plan daily so that one day if you accidentally bum into a rare business man you benefit from it.

Most artistes will bump into Jay Z and only have a selfie to show for it, which is great. See if you have  a plan you should already know what you would say to Strive Musiyiwa if you met him other than can we take a selfie, because if you do not intrigue him in those few minutes he’s gone again.

You get some instagram likes, but as soon as the picture scrolls down the page it’s an opportunity lost.

So by set-up shop I mean simple things like, having easy to remember links to all your projects.

For instance I have this show reel under if anyone asks to see my animatin they can see a sample in 44 seconds. It wont cost much on their data. You can join shorten links to your portfolios or just set up a website where everything someone needs to know about you is available.

The good part is it can even be a free blog but depending who you are marketing to some people may respect you more if it’s an exclusive domain.

When I was less organized I would send a potential interested person 4 or 5 full links which would obviously be a turn off.

Five – Distinguish Your Approach From Free Art

If the art you sell is the same quality  as art others are giving for free then there is really no need for people to buy yours even if it’s good. Since they can get other art as good as yours for free if you do not distinguish yours you will suffer.

Competition is always thick hence you need to add a unique selling proposition that they will not find elsewhere. Only your friends and relatives will buy from you something they can get free.

The more irreplaceable you are the more valuable you are.


Have fun. Yes I am back… the twitter handle is still @Mcpotar in case you were naughty and decided to unffollow me.

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