Are We Ready To Celebrate Zim Hip-hop Made in 2015?

Are we ready to celebrate Hip-hop on the 10th of December 2015? We have already seen and debated about the nominees and if you love Hip-hop as much as I do you will realize that this is a very important event, especially with the major upgrades made this year to improve the ceremony.

Some may already have cried into buckets, typed 4 page rants and spat at the screen before posting, cursed the nominees…. because this event is so important that we all want to be a part of it don’t we? The good part is, those who really understand Hip-hop in maturity realize the ceremony is for them and not against them.

Hip-hop artistes from around Zimbabwe will be crowned for work and effort they have put in to cultivate the Zim Hip-hop culture of Zimbabwe.  Zim Hip-hop devotees from around the globe will be glad to see this happen. These awards are in their fifth year and have survived to become even stronger despite what the critics say.  They have undoubtedly increased the interest in the genre as it finds it’s way into public domain news whenever they happen. When Zim Hip-hop Administrator Sean Campbell spoke to Sunday Mail he assured that the best measuress where done to perfect the process.

Boss Spencer’s Platinum Entertainment which champions urban genres merged with the old administration to make sure all things run smoothly and the awards are worth your time.

So yes we expect everybody to come there looking clean, dressed up in the swag we always hear about in Hip-hop. The pretty girls, chains, beads and snapbacks. Whatever you’re rocking on that night Long Cheng 1+1 will have a place for you for just $10. You can alternatively show off your “John Bhuru’ness” by getting the premium $20 ticket. Awards offices are currently at The Volt (former Book Cafe, next to Holiday Inn, along Samora Machel). Long Cheng 1+1 has a beautiful set-up with excellent lighting to suit the high end nature of Hip-hop.

Hip-hop even in The United States where it finds it’s roots has never been about desperation, even in between bars about struggle there is a place for that bling because we are African Kings. Come and shine with everybody from all corners of our culture, revellers and entertainers alike. Take pics with Cal_Vin, throw a peace sign with Tehn Diamond and get Amard’s number (make sure she doesn’t ask you to lose it). Take pictures, take pictures and take pictures.

** I heard this year there’s a stage that will swallow anyone who tries to pull a Kanye, like Hakeem did in 2014. **

Let’s get rid of naysay, jealousy, negative energy and resentment. Zimbabwe it’s time to build our culture and congratulate our brothers. Everybody , the nominees, fans, artistes and Zimbabwe wins by focusing on the collective pie.

The most fun part about Awards is their unpredictable nature, anyone can win or lose so come with that adrenalin, but no smashing bottles at each other if your team doesn’t make it. Like I said, we all win in the collective pie.

Hope to see you there. Zim Hip-hop Awards 2015


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