Another Zimbabwean Hip-hop Artist Releases Music On i-Tunes – Vhedza- Trained to Reign

Vhedza Trained to ReignRecently running across Zimbabwean music on i-Tunes store, we came across the works of this brilliant Zimbabwean rapper by the name of Vhedza. He raps in both English and Shona, but his bars prove that he has been kicking it for a while. He had an EP in 2002 entitled Zvakagwamba and worked with Mizchif in 2004 on Breaking Backs. He was quiet for a long stretches till he came back in 2012 with a song called majestic which was in the “Majestic Mixtape.” He actually is under Majestic Music Recordings.

“I explore the nature of a Hustler’s spirituality in light of his everyday realities. I also deal with my personal emotions and demons like my mother’s death, broken relationships, fear of failure etc.” – Says the artist who’s a practicing Attorney in Cape Town, South Africa.

I was quite happy that he was confident enough to put his music on a global market. It means a lot when an artist thinks their music is worth that much so I naturally knew it would be great to listen to. The album covers various topics such as “the illuminati”, love relations, dedications to a lost mother, religion and patriotism. It is a well recorded and mastered project which is however only available for streaming online.  If you need the songs you have to purchase them online.

The album begins with a spoken word piece called Hunter’s Prayer produced by Zex Nhongo and Vhedza himself, which is a mixture of Shona and English. I think here he is talking to the modern hunter, the hustler who goes out into the concrete jungle to hustle for money and needs spiritual protection from God so that he may be alive to feed his family. It the very next songs In a song called Hemlock hearts also produced by Zex Nhongo and the artist, he is making an attack on a system known as “the illuminati” whom he describes as “hemlock hearted” and describes throughout how they have people trapped. He asks his Dearly Departed to protect him from them. Dearly Departed is another song that comes up later on in the album, which is dedicated to a lost mother. I believe he was creating a continuous concept throughout the album. It was produced by Zex Nhongo as well.

Bridges ft S.Gatsi and The Future, brings is in the love aspect of the album, with a soulful chorus, this is indeed a positive love song in contrast to a song that comes up later in the album called Better Than Me. Is it that the girl he initially built Brigdes with went to build bridges with a “better man”? In essence, Bridges is about Vhedza being happy to connect to a new girl in ways he never imagined while Better Than Me is about a girl leaving him for a more financially stable guy. Perhaps this stress leads him to the next song where he talks about a place he can escape from trouble, given that his girl is acting up and his Dearly Departed is already there.  I’m talking about a song entitled I Know A Place. It seems to be talking about heaven an afterlife without pain. Better than me was produced by the future while Zex Nhongo produced the song Brigdes.

Vhedza Trained To reignHe keeps old school type bars throughout the album in songs like Ride Out, Above the Vig. While I know a place seemed to talk about heaven, Will I Fry ft S.Gatsi seems to be subliminally talking about hell and retribution. It has the most powerful chorus in the project. I can listen to that chorus all day. Of course his bars come as deep as expected. The project ends with a song called Zim Connection ft. BOB and produce by The Future and Zvavemarasha which comes as a bonus track. Zex Nhongo uses sample on a few songs to make a creative project.

Vhedza in his own words intends to push the envelope of Zimbabwean and African music both lyrically and sonically and develop my record label “Majestic Music Recordings” as a viable business entity in the music business. Perhaps that is why he needs all your support in sharing this project on all social media.


Buy The Songs on i-Tunes or if you have a good connection stream them on Reverbnation via this link.

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