Anne Nhira Boosted Zodwa Wabantus Perceived Value

Recently social media in Zimbabwe was lit, with people carrying daggers to crucify former Studio 263 actress Anne Nhira. Anne Nhira succesfully presented a petition to the government to cancel Zodwa WaBantu’s appearance at the 2017 carnival.

She argues that, Zodwa is not exactly a celebrity, she is an indecent socialite and if Zimbabwe is craving to see sensual dancers they should rather pick out a local.

As expected she got backlash and that is what I want to talk about.

The value of that. Zodwa Wabantu has much to win.

The Social Proof

Marketers and psychologists will tell you that Social Proof increases the perceived value of a brand. The more people that show love for a certain idea, the more others who wouldn’t have cared catch on.

Firstly out of curiosity. So the unanimous backlash Anne received is definitely a boost to Zodwa’s social proof.

Scarcity of Something People Like Boosts Value

A no brainer, if anything at all that people value is taken away it automatically becomes more valuable.

Yes that’s why people tend to even value heroes more when they are dead.

The government has made Zodwa more valuable to people who like her calibre of entertainment through scarcity.

Ever wondered why a landlord always speaks about, “Be quick, someone else promised to pay today.”

Print this in your head. If something is going to be taken away you value it more than you did before (if you valued it to begin with).

Jealousy Creates A Drama Triangle

Though Anne may have stood up for what she believes people evidently from comments intepreted it as jealousy.

Creating a drama triangle. Villain, Victim, Hero.

In this case…

Victim: Zodwa Wabantu (and people who wanted to see her)

Villain: Anne Nhira (and of course our permanent villains: The Government)

Heroes: Trolls, fans

I am saying by posing as Villain, Anne’s brand equity decreased whilst people lined up to boost Zodwa’s by defending her and adding social proof.

You must note that initially Zodwa’s brand equity rose when people posted about her in attempts to shoot her down.

Unprovoked attacks always give value to the provoked.

Those who hate what Zodwa does must realize that her value rises by attacks.

That said what are your thoughts? Of course feel free to follow me on twitter @Mcpotar.

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