An Indepth Look At One Of Africas Illest Hip-hop Artists – Synik (@Synikzim) #Zimhiphop

Synik is one of the most respected and celebrated conscious hip-hop artists in Zimbabwe. He has been kicking it for a while but made waves in 2012 when he dropped Syn City, his debut album, which was produced by Begotten Sun and FTR. This album has proved the efficiency of New Sofala’s marketing and distribution machine, which has worked for quite a number of artists.

Synik and Depth Zimbabwean hip-hop artistes

Syn-City featured a number of emcees and vocalists, among them Karizma, Larry Kwirirayi,  Kito, Aura The Poet, Mic Inity,  Metaphysics, Mc Chita, Begotten sun as an emcee, Tehn Diamond and Junior Brown. It became an instant hit and made the mainstream shiver with songs like Power Cut . Synik grabbed 3 awards out of 4 nominations at the 2012 Zimbabwe Hip-hop Awards. He also had the first 3D hip-hop video in African hip-hop and was reviewed in The Guardian.

“It felt good to have the work I had done recognized. Hip-hop these days has a lot of peoples each pushing their own agenda. So when the whole industry stops and celebrates what you’ve done, it’s a moment to be thankful for.” – Synik

Despite the controversy always associated with the event, no one seemed to dispute this victory.  In 2013 Synik teamed up with Depth to form Soular Rayze which has been dropping conscious music. Synik has always been conscious from his Beta Version days, with songs like God Within and These days which provided alternative social commentary that wasn’t very mainstream oriented but was indeed reality to most of Zimbabwe. Eye for an eye was a demonstration of his story telling ability as well. His songs have always been characterized by reality and relatability to actual situations as in the case of Muripo, Losing Sleep and Walk With Me.

“My subject matter is as diverse as the experiences that life hands me. ” – Synik

Synik said locally he listens to Tru North, and  urged young artists to keep contributing to the culture of hip-hop.

“I advise everybody rhyming to keep rhyming coz there’s nobody else who can tell your story in your voice. I’d advise them to stop striving to be like someone else. Everyone who excelled in hiphop did so building on a foundation of originality.”- Synik

The humble artist promised that there was going to be more material from him and Depth on the way. He mentioned that they had set out to do an EP and are yet to see which direction to take. I asked him how it was to work with Depth and he expressed that, their collaborating was something that was inevitable. Synik and Depth go from way back, I used to watch them collaborate at Mashoko by 2010. I believe they had been friends from long before or had met in the same hip-hop circles as we all do as artists.

“It was just a matter of time. Our styles are complementary and we dig the same typa beats. our project is an opportunity to see what we can bring about outside of our solo work.”

To get Synik’s work click here and see it yourself on his websites.

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