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Amvis Beaming is a free Zim Hip-hop mixtape offering that  features artistes from all over the globe. They went international and exported themselves on this one. In a Zi Hip-hop industry that chooses to ignore and confine talent they decided to defy the odds stacked against independent artistes. (Get the music here)

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Amvis in this project worked with Daklip from NJ,United States,  Dragon Fly from France, Mystik8 from Switzerland, T-Collar (Zimbabwe), Ollie Winton from Australia, Wallays Jonas (Belgium), Smokey Town From France amongst loads of international collabortation that even some of the most mainstream people of our industry have never obtained. Through twitter and other social networks they engaged fruitfully and used the advantage of communities like soundcloud to link up with the people that had the sound they needed to make. This is the World Wide Web not Zimbabwe Wide Web and AMVIS knows this  truth that’s why they will not confine themselves. After-all there are little or no border posts between networks on twitter, as much as Facebook algorithms etc may control who you see, twitter allows you to connect with many creatives and AMVIS is living proof of fruitful networking in this project.

Well I guess their motivation is represented in their name. Ambition Meets Vision, yes they will always do things like number one. From giving out high quality beats for free, putting out the best Hip-hop clothing labels in the country to engaging with foreigners from tier one countries. Amvis is the first Zim hip-hop outfit I know to celebrate over 16,000 soundcloud plays first day if not more. We all know they didn’t cheat either. Not only did they work hard to make a mark for themselves, they worked smart and it’s paying off.

They organized themselves and are managed by  Work In Progress Management Agency. This project is indeed a success and I urge more players to emulate strategies from AMVIS because they’ve shown leadership. They too should be able to smile when they see what they have pioneered for a lot of young artistes out there.

Get the music here.

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