Amard Comes Back With New Sound in Shamwari

We have all known Amard the hip-hop female goddess as a somewhat philophobe (I really learnt this word from The Mind) from her first release “Lose My Number” to her song “Over Invested”. – Previously she has also been a bit too hardcore for the regular non hip-hop head to give a roaches toe. – We mentioned it and instead of her calling us haters, she listened.

Shamwari, is her brand new love song. The term means friend – but no, no nobody is being friendzoned here. This is actually about love which is as strong as friendship. You know they say your partner must be your friend. – To work out this brilliant sound she hired out the production of Take Fizzo, a producer we have spoken so highly of in each of his productions and deservingly so. – He needs no introduction.

In this era of side squeezes and main courses, she asks to be the “Only one”- Or at least warns him not to get caught. The evangel of monogamy and exclusivity is a prevailing theme, where she says the security of knowing she is the only partaker will push her to proudly introduce dude to her parents.  – So assuming he doesn’t get caught squeezing by the side, he actually gets to meet Amards relatives. Yay!!!

My advice to Shamwari is just to do the side dealings in Google+ and Gtalk, no need to delete chats. No woman ever checks Gtalk. – No one expects you to use it. – Just kidding!

Shamwari is a duet with yet another Hip-hop legend, Herby Dangerous, known for his story telling rhymes and hard-core status but in this one he too adapts to the sound of this time. Herby Dangerous if you do not know him has been on the Hip-hop scene for a long time some of his work is more popular outside of Zim. I was particularly impressed when i first saw him kick it in a cypher at the first  Shoko Festival in 2011.

I hope you love what you hear in this single. I for one am sold. Download the song embedded below. – If you cannot see it get a better browser than that.

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