Alexio Needs To Smell The Coffee

Recently Alexio Kawara told the news that “his music is not a dollar” and slammed piracy as being the major reason that many big guys left the industry and young ones have had short lived lives. Whilst I agree with where his heart is, as a realist I can only say, “Alexio must smell the coffee.”

If people can pirate Windows 7 and sell the CD for $5, they can certainly consume all Alexios tracks combined with extras from Roki, King Labash and so forth for just a dollar.  Police will arrest the piracy vendors they can but police probably also keep a few unofficial Thomas Mapfumo collections in a single CD.  The quality of the sound may be below original CD quality but to a non producer the  difference is negligible.

This is the age of new revenue streams and I am sure by now an organized fellow like Alexio has set up other revenue models in place. We understand his concerns on the value he places on his music but however the reality on the ground says, CD’s will always be sold on the street until DVD players become a thing of the past.

We have seen that abroad, people are beginning to consider streaming services (which pay the artistes poorly). In Zimbabwe I can hardly download a song on my Whatsapp. Network outside major cities is a problem so it’s quite obvious that I am not paying streaming services soon to consume my music.

But Maybe…

Maybe if Alexio starves the market of his CD and makes it only available on online stores and streaming services then his fans abroad will be able to make purchases.

But then again…

Don’t people still end up with Kendrick Lamar’s album after he has don the very same thing?

I vibe with Alexio’s concern but as a realist I will tell him to focus on other revenue models.

Meanwhile tell me what you think? via @Mcpotar

alexio kawara on piracy



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