@AhsaynBeatmaker Producer Blog – Adds Value To Other Rising Talents

You may or may not have heard of Ahsayn beat maker, but he is probably one of the best producers in Zimbabwe right now when it comes to sound engineering. His beats tell a story and his sound is wade for royal eardrums. You may not know about him, but he has produced and engineered the sounds of many an artist including Yolanda Candice, Cashbid and Jonathan of the Newe fame.

Those who have worked with this man never want to leave. they love his mastery but I guess his mastery is so because he teaches what he does. See when you teach what you do, you challenge yourself to learn it daily. You eventually gain mastery in whatever it is. This producer as i have come to discover runs a blogspot that teaches others about many things in production. Over the past months I’ve given so much emphasis to blogs adding value to their audiences. I have encouraged artistes to have a bigger value proposition other than being just artistes. Stand for a cause.

Ahsayn was already giving value via his blog and I hadn’t discovered it. However, when you add value your name becomes so big in the underground that it reaches places that push you to knew audiences. ladies and gentlemen, ratchets and rappers… Let me introduce you the Ian’ Blog – You can click this link and gain from his knowledge. Get in touch with the guy, share ideas or work together. Ahsayn

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