AGE McSaul and FGT (Bindura) – Independent Hip-hop Artist Profiles #Zimhiphop


 AGE McSaul

 Rapper fresh from Bindura. AGE is an artist from Bindura now temporary located in Australia studying but still collaborating with fellow partner FGT aka Figgizle in the duo ThunderClap.

…Now Meet FGT

Iam a rappper/poet also member of a duo Thunder Clap a underground record label in partnership with AGE and located in Bindura.
 check me on reverbnation
 +263 773789023
I personally had never met any rappers from Bindura, I know Fun F is learning there. These could be friends of his, but that’s great i’d like to see more representation from small towns. Small towns have potential to create big names. i believe however with the help of this site, everyone will be able to link up with people they wanna be helped by or people they want to help.
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