Afro-HouseArtiste Ulethu – Tell Me Lyric Video

Watch the lyric video first below then proceed to the  article if you really need more details, otherwise have fun.

Afro-House is a popular genre in Africa hence it is sometimes simultaneously interchanged with the term Afro-Pop. The “pop” of course is for popular. Singing sensation Ulethu vocalizes her need for love affirmations in her song “Tell Me” where she airs complaints to a real or imagined lover who isn’t showing much of love verbally.

“Ngimu tshiyile, ngimu tshiyile mina X2
Angisamu funi , angisamu funi futhi”

(This part is in Ndebele and simply means, she left him and doesn’t want him back”)

Any reader of Gary Chapman’s “5 Love Languages” would know that “affirmations (i.e telling him/her that you love them) are very important in keeping the fire burning. As the song proceeds you realize that she says she has left this lover for failing to affirm-ate. Cold world.

Well this one drops with a lyric video animated by Mcpotar, who animates the typography as different syllables are sung. There is smoke in the background but basically the effects were minimalistic on a silver background.

“The smoke symbolizes that the fire in the relationship has been put out. Grey is a dull colour as well, this is the general relationship of the mood she is in with this one.” – Mcpotar

The audio production of the the song was done at Vion Afro Muziq by the executive producer Brian Masendeke and Simba Tagz as the Assistant producer.

Ulethu has been number one on Star FM for her hit song Huya which is yet another love song. He sound an image represent a rare Afro-centric style and the Communications degree holder has chosen to communicate her message through melodies and entertainment.

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