African Short Story – Murder She Screamed by Mcpotar & Anesu Mawarire)

“You made me believe that you loved me and yet you intended to murder me. Shit no, aaaagh,” she gasped. Rakaella was immersed in a pool of blood as it gushed out.

Prior to this incident Rakaella was an energetic erotic dancer who was fond of her means of making money until she met Guy Carter. Guy Carter was a Caucasian American who was touring Africa as a wildlife enthusiast. He bumped into the sensual strikingly beautiful Rakaella at the prestigious Elephant Lodge in Victoria Falls.

“Excuse me ma’am, you are very beautiful. May I take you out for dinner and get to know you?” he offered confidently. Rakaella was walking away so briskly she only heard a light whisper which she assumed was an insult. She thought the man was attacking her skimpy shorts and lace top that she strode in.

“I’m not a hooker okay, usada kundijairira (do not disrespect me). Hookers are found kuseri kwe lodge (behind the lodge) not here,” she fumed. Guy chuckled then reached for her hand gently and made eye contact with her.

“Let me be your Grey who stays, I’m Guy Carter. I came from the States, California to be precise and once again may I please take you to dinner ma’am?” he asked maintaining eye contact.

With her palm covering her dimples, Rakaella was blown away by his charming blue eyes and fair light skin crowned with slippery black hair. She got lost in his gaze with his lips silently speaking volumes to her. She bit her lip, startled. Horses galloped in her heart beat very fast.

“Ummm yeah sure you can be my fifty shades of Guy, I’m Rakaella by the way,” she said with a giggle and bit her lower lip seductively whilst playing with her Brazillian weave. After five hours of acquaintance with him, she felt an urge to know him more rather than bed him. This was quite unusual of her and it made her question herself why this dude was special. Indeed she had met foreigners, slept with many of them but there was nothing more to it.

She remembered how in her childhood she had always wanted the life she saw in fairy tales. Her hope in ever living Disney fairy tales was shattered, when she was only fourteen. Her aunt who owned a Shebeen in Bulawayo had left her to attend to male clients and one of the men who was also her aunt’s lover deflowered her forcibly. The rape was never reported; she was silenced, intimidated and reminded that she was an orphan by her aunt. After this she became more indulged in alcohol, marijuana, casual sex and had suicidal tendencies at 16. When she grew older she ran away from home to live with a friend who introduced her to erotic dancing. Now she was 22, sitting next to an ideal gentleman who seemed interested in her beyond sexual favours.

“I’m sorry I don’t actually date men, I only give them sexual pleasure and that’s it. You’re a great guy, go and find yourself Madonna in the Chapel,” she said pompously.

“I’m also sorry I don’t care about your rules, all I want is you Miss Rakaella. Just give me one chance and I won’t disappoint you,” he insisted. She gazed at him again for a while, this time not even moving a single muscle.

“I’m not ready for that Sir but why not when you have managed to dazzle me like this? You sound different I wanna explore,” she gave in whilst reaching for his hand across the dining room table. They dined and wined until the clock struck midnight. He made her feel like Cinderella who had been love struck by her prince charming.

“I have to leave now, it’s getting late Guy,” she whispered in his left ear in an attempt to convince herself to leave.

“I know you don’t want to leave Kaella. Stay for the night and we get to know each other in my bedroom suite, if you know what I mean,” he said winking and smiling with visible dimples.

The hairs at the back of Rakaella’s neck stood up and a sudden chill struck her spine. For a moment she wanted to say no but her body was selling her out with a screaming yes.

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