African Hip-hop – Krimz Produces Munetsi x Alka Nemo Combo

Top of the dome freestyle kings have been packaged by fast rising hip-hop producer Krimz Beatz on something he calls a combo. He released this one on the 25th of September, 2014 and it is one of the many products he has released this year successfully. (Get the tracks here)



Krimz has been putting out a lot of work since late last year where he had hands in Noble Stylz – Masofa Panze . Early this year he put Sharky, Noble Stylz and Eburn Mwanamuduku on a song entitled Zviroto where they ridiculed young ones in the industry that rap make belief. He also featured Sinbad90 on his hit song Boyz Remukute, whose remix I later featured on (Boyz Remukute remix ). I must also mention that he made my beat for Where I Belong and also produced, Alkamai, Lee Millz, Corvil James, Baller, D-Blok and Kidd Active among other creatives. What a year for Ikonik. So what is this… a combo with one of the greatest emcees in the country who own freestyle abilities?

Krimz is ending the last quarter of the year on a high note. Having managed to stay in your news feed from September last year, the dread-locked producer has chosen to stay relevant by producing something different each time.

Munetsi comes with the song Victors, which talks much about overcoming. As you may have realized, Munetsi seems to talk positively about upliftment, previous suicidal tendencies, a divorce that reaped him apart. He is on a certain path to greatness where I believe God is leading him. Lovely track.

Alka Nemo, does not disappoint in Journey (I actually had this song long before Krimz gave me lol… I have a cheat sheet). This is yet another didactic life path story. More like a lyrical drama where he talks about sin, crime and life being a journey. He talks about his father being murdered by close family members, plots to kill and enemies. He also places importance on the positive friends and family, with gunshots in the background of the last verse. This is stuff you want to listen to.

I urge these guys to keep working together. Let’s keep the movement on fire.



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