About Ill Manners Sex Fantasy Song & The Begotten Sun Twar

The comedy never ends in Zim Hip-hop, I had a few chuckles yesterday starring at my phone screen as Begotten Sun and Ill Manner had an exchange of words, belittlement and insults. The first post that caught my attention was a post by Ill Manner, which made a rant against Begotten Sun (without mentioning him). The post listed a number of emcees whom Ill Manner, regards as the true pioneers of Hip-hop.

It said that Begotten Sun was not the president of Hip-hop in Zimbabwe and there were some vulgar words used there. Of course we took to the terraces with pop-corn and remote controls.

“KingPinn, Metaphysics, Mau Mau and MC Chita are legendary Zim emcees I look up to, not some old ass washed up cunt who cusses out youngin’s on social media and actually believes he’s the president of Zim HipHop smh” – Ill Manner

One of the many quotes

“Let me tune this dude the real now: I downloaded your “album” firstly: It sounds like it was recorded in a shabin. U lame spaceship lyrics are forgetable. You are NOT marketable even to other broke back packers. U can’t make one radio show. Ur ugly as FUUUUUUURKK. And ur only UPSET coz I told u (as an OLD NIGGA) that nyaya yekukuti u wanna fuck BP (Blacperl) paMasofa Panze is fucking stupid and does NOTHING to encourage our ladies to participate in a male broke dominated genre. That was MY crime u you young homo. I told u to be responsible in ur “word play” coz EVEN BP said she was offended by the line. NOW… the name calling etc is all fun and games, I enjoy the regular troll on these fickle nets… but just remember… Were I am sitting as I type this and WERE U ARE SITTING.” – Begotten Sun

How Did We Get Here

Begotten Sun and Ill Manner have had misunderstandings here and there but this one began when Begotten Sun heard Ill Manner’s sexual fantasy song “Crushing” which he labeled as having sexist connotations which were disrespectful in his opinion to the women mentioned. The song mentions real life girls like Mimy (from this blog), Akira Slayz (who was excited about it when it came out) , Trae Yung (who has not responded) and Blacperl (who reportedly was offended) amongst others. Begotten particularly mentioned a part where Ill Manner said he had dreams of having sex with Blacperl on a sofa outside. The line made a play of words on Masofa Panze (which means sofa’s outside) which Perl is affiliated with. Begotten’s concerns were of course not only based on Blacperl as she is not the only woman mentioned.

The previous day Ill Manner tweeted that Begotten Sun was a hypocrite to talk about women being degraded yet he supported songs like Happy and Ma Drinks which he (Ill Manner) believes to have also degraded women.

Fast forward he went up to his wall to speak his mind and Begotten Sun responded, even made a meme to make fun of Ill Manners skin care. He called him unclean, pimpled, ugly and highlighted that Ill Manner’s lyrics were forgettable. On the other hand Ill Manner called Begotten”a wahsed up cunt”, old and suggested that Begotten Sun would be nothing without producing Syncity and DKR.

Ill Manner Pop It

My View

I certainly wouldn’t appreciate any rapper mentioning my sisters name in the same sentence as “I want to screw her” even if he has those intentions. On a moral perspective it sounds wrong and I’d like to believe Begotten Sun was coming from that perspective. However Ill Manner says there is more to it than that.

See when Ill Manner’s album was out he had a line in Master Negus that said, ” I’m not a student of the game, but a teacher to my peers” . Begotten SUN took it as a shot to Tehn Diamond, whom he is friends with whilst Ill Manner said it was referenced from Jay- Z’s – Take Over , “Students of the game we passed the classes, No one can read you cats like we do,” – That misunderstanding died down but Ill Manner believes it to be relevant to this case.

Is Begotten Sun old? 

Yes, relatively he is, but we wouldn’t regard age to be a diss. I see so many people use age as a diss but we are all growing old. Being old is only a diss when one has achieved nothing by his age I guess, but in this case Kuda runs a bar, a pharmacy and has made money from the music, owns a house and has a family, a good educaation, does consultancy for large cooperations such as Innscor. I’m just saying the age premise wouldn’t work on someone like that.

The age premise works when one is 33 and still leaves with his mum, walks to work and does not have a wife. Perhaps Ill Manner is saying, Begotten should not be starting wars with people younger than him.

Is Ill Manner’s Facial Appearance Relevant

No, it’s not at all relevant but the meme was funny. Both parties made fun of each other’s appearance. Ill Manner called Begotten Sun “fat” . This brought humour into the discussion because Begotten Sn photo-shopped Dr. Grace Mugabe telling Ill Manner to pop his pimples.

The mention of his pimples was obviously to agitate his emotions and stab his self confidence. That’s kind of an art of twar.

The Illusion Of Emcees

In hip-hop there is this illusion by emcees that THEY are the best to ever spit and they can battle anyone and win artistically. This illusion is created by close friends who hype them up and instigate conflict and in the end the emcees go head on with stronger forces than they can handle.

In 2016, battles are not won because you can draft a few bars. You must have the infrastructure to get through in any beef even if it’s lyrical. If you do not yet have influence in places dope as you may perceive yourself to be you will not win. It’s all there in the 48 Laws of Power. Avoid fighting what’s strong. Use your inbox wisely as you rise.

I am saying, Ill Manner as lyrical as he maybe, may not want to be in a war with Begotten Sun. I am not taking sides on who would win it but I am being purely honest here.

The biggest illusion is that beef is about bars yet in reality wars are won before they are fought.  The emcees listed by Ill manner as being more deserving of “legend” title all talk about Kuda Musasiwa in their full autobiographies and would politically be inclined to choose Begotten’s side.

It’s like making a statement that you think Eminem is more hip-hop than Dre, expecting Eminem to be flattered.

Without DKR and SynCity Begotten Sun Wouldn’t be BIG?

That’s akin to saying, “Without N.W.A and Marshall Marthers LP” Dr. Dre wouldn’t be big.

Now Begotten Sun…

I’ll say this, a lot of young emcees have looked up to you including Ill Manner. I know this because prior to this I’ve met Ill Manner and we spoke about hip-hop and we spoke about you and great things you did. I’ve had the same conversation with many other emcees and there is so much respect for your name. This is why we all do an album and tag you to the tweet. – I need you to understand where Ill Manner’s rant is coming from.

He is disappointed that a person he regarded a legend gave him brutal criticism. I believe in order for you to get this project in the first place, Ill Manner tweeted it directly to you excitedly. I would also like to believe he has spoken to you on Facebook for advice and such in the past.

It’s like that time in the movie Hustle and Flow when Terrence Howard looks up to this Rapper (played by Ludacris) and he finally meets Ludacris (Skinny) and gives him his cassette tape, because he has idolized this guy for a long time. Ludacris goes to the bathroom a tries to flush that cassette down the toilet and Terrence Howard follows and finds out…. He gets s frustrated that he assaults Ludacris leading to his arrest.

Hustle and Flow Fight With Ludacris

The difference here is none of these guys can assault Begotten. Ill Manner cannot assault his former idol (whom he has disrespected, but no burnt bridge is ever beyond repair).

So well I’m saying, the industry want to be where you and Yagi Dojo, Tagz and so forth are, but sometimes they feel like you make fun of their quality, the types of studios they record in and of course their cracked FL Studio. Well, they don’t have those things yet.


Well I may as well give everyone the link to the full project – Ill Manner – Thoughts Of A Nappy Headed Poet



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