Abedi – Tinofamba Nenguva Review ( + Hip-hop Music Download)

Abedi is back with a brand new offering titled Tinofamba Nenguva which features female vocalist Leah and was produced by  Fun F and Xing. The song is a single coming off the Pasi Pezuva album project. The song begins with Leah’s vocals and acoustic strings on the beat.



The song is about “timing”. Abedi speaks off being troubled earlier in life, questioning and not finding answers. His opportunities would disappear till he left it up to a higher power who had his timing for these things. His first verse also seems to then talk about , “Ndichakuvahrirayi panze ma door akavhurika” ( I wil, close you out when opportunities come through). Audible end rhymes but it was really hard for me to tell where the story was going within the first verse and how it actually synced with the title. So I asked him

“If you feel the lyrics its all about the hardships I have experienced and its all about me just chilling not caring about anything cause God is in control of everything. Sometimes you don’t need a plan you just gotta breathe and see what happens.The lyrics speak about the pain deep in my heart but i can’t do anything cause now I am waiting for time to tell i have tried everything to make my dreams to come true but its like I am doing nothing so now I am just relaxed but working.” – He said

So the central theme is essentially, “God is in control of everything.” 

I like the beat and the delivery but I still cringe a bit when it comes to enunciation of some words, which I think is subject to opinion.  However he can improve that by not trying to hard to enunciate English words the American way. It will always work against him and tarnishes the respect he earns from his lyrics.

His strength is giving vivid depictions of what he is talking about however and his message is always one that can uplift minds. This is the original role of hip-hop music.

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