A Minute With The Make Up Magician

So I had a chance to chat with make up artiste Vickie Kay, a Zimbabwe based lady who happens to specialize in making people look “more beautiful.” Make up usually is criticized and condemned by those who speak of natural beauty and so forth by will all know most of the views are misogynistic.

Well here is the chat we had.

Mcpotar: What is the role of make up?

Vickie: To enhance beauty ?

Mcpotar: Have you had make up change anyone’s life positively? What was her story (no names).

Vickie: Mine actually, that’s why I’m all passionate about it. Growing up I had acne problems and ’cause of that it was really hard for me to be confident considering my face was full of pimples n spots so makeup covered all that n that’s how i gained my confidence back, not that I so depend on it (lol) but that’s how it changed my life back then.

Mcpotar: What would you say is the age for one to start doing make up?

Vickie: For me I would choose puberty stage ’cause that’s when most girls suffer from acne problems and make-up would do just good at that stage.

Mcpotar:  Must people you do make up, get a retouch daily? How does it work? Or you majorly enhance them on dates and weddings?

Vickie: (lol) Makeup doesn’t really need a “retouch” it needs a total makeover. Once messed up, we’ll have to start all over again… Makeup might not be a daily thing to some, it takes an occasion to wear makeup… Well unlike me (lol) its an everyday thing ’cause I have to use my face to market myself too.

Mcpotar: Does your man get free make overs as a bonus?

Vickie: ???My man u say? Eish wish I had one… I would def offer free make-overs hahaha.

(You heard her yourselves guys. Free make overs too)

Mcpotar:  While you do your make up to market to female clients. Does your man or previous men get uncomfortable that it also markets to other men!? (In this interview we are pretending you have one V)

Vickie: Luckily no one is in a position to feel uncomfy with what I do or rather I don’t give them that privilege to even have a say in what I do.I mean it’s WHAT I DO and if it puts food on the table then they will have to chuck their feelings out of the way ha-ha I’m that heartless ’cause really its not like I’m doing it to attract “other men” I’m doing it to attract CLIENTS and I really don’t pay attention to gender when it comes to my work, so yeah.

Mcpotar: How can my girlfriend, sisters or aunts find you if they need to spruce themselves up?

Vickie: They can contact me using any of the following:

FaceBeat By Vickie Kay (Facebook) | @vee_bae_bae (Instagram) | Call +263776311338 (click to call)

Email her on vickymunyenyiwa@gmail.com

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