A Minute With Harare’s Favourite Musical Nerd

Verseless, one of Harare’s fastest rising neo-sonic virtuoso’s is not your regular producer, 808 drumkits, basic drumlines and conventional chords type of guy. He doesn’t quite own what I would call his own genre either but I will say he manages to fuse existent ones to birth a fusion you’ve never heard before.

Beautiful music to my ear-drum! Recently dropping what we know as the “Reflections EP” and also expected to drop a full album 2 days before Miles next project. Yes, Philo blends with Milo! (If you enunciate that as Fai-lo).

I kicked it with the guy over a few questions to pick his brain and chuck it in the shopping basket.

Let’s start with the hair. What’s up with the hair? (He has strange hair, you know like when your sister undoes her current hairstyle but has not yet transitioned to the next?)

I’m an Otaku. I love anime and decided to incorporate my love for anime and animation in my image. Verseless on that super saiyan!

Super Saiyan Music
That’s what a “Saiyan” Concept looks like… had to Google that.

Dope and how does the name Verseless Philo come about. What does it even mean?

Philo was a nick name from high school. Derived from philosopher. I’m a deep thinker. Verseless came about a period of soul searching. Went through the phases, voiceless visionless then ended on Verseless. Verseless is my stage name, Philo is the nick name. They just end up getting clumped together…

Verseless has 2 meanings, the first is the most obvious, I rarely write lyrics, I’m terrible at it. The second is I believe in less talking and more action. Too much chatter going on.

Your sound it is different. What name or category, genre or classification is your music. Maybe if I were Googling it?

As Verseless mentioned in The Reflections EP, I’m all genre and no genre. I don’t box myself in genres but love dabbling between hiphop and EDM genres most of the time.

Your own 3 favourites. Top 3…

Hmm. Tough one, there are 2 songs on the album that I can’t disclose just yet. The 3rd is “The needle”

What is “The Needle” about. Are you giving us a lesson in fabrics and design or is it the dreaded nurses needle? Is it the insulin needle? Heroin maybe?

Haha, it’s meant to cure musical diabetes. Small doses, taken once a month.

The needle is a song off my EP called one can’t relate to this VOL 1. A needle in my discography hay stack. Features a good friend and talented rapper from Botswana

Great stuff. What else? You married, got a wife? Or you are in a relationship with FL Studio, mixers and cymbals?

Music is bae lol. Woman? Ain’t got time for that… Might end up a cat man

Hahaha awesome this is enough for a good read

So just to kill 2 birds with one stone (I’m saving the other stone for political violence). I will just share the Reflections EP with you in this write up. Here is the link to Verseless Philo – The Reflections EP (Direct from verseless.com), the full album dropping around 23, July of 2016 so if you reading this write up on a further date…. you kinda late but it’s never too late to discover beautiful music.


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