A Minute Under The Sun With Gze (With Imhandu Mp3 Link)

I like to call him the “Shona Gangsta Rapper” because he tends to mention the thrill of the hustle from a Zimbabwean-realistic perspective. I mean we’ve heard gangsta rap in Zimbabwe, but most of it has come off fake. The Southerton representative, Resilience “Gze” Chekera, seems to speak things he’s seen in his ghetto. Southerton is undoubtedly the Dirty South of Zimbabwe, if Chi-Town is Chicago.

Just a minute with the guy and while you at it open this link in a new tab to download Gze- Imhandu.

Forgive the new school for thinking you’re new, but they do. Can you Clarify when you stepped on the scene before we talk about the new offering “Imhandu”.

Gze: I rocked with a lot of crews in the Hood coming up.most notable was with Trinity around 2005 we put out an undisputed classic titled ini iye naye which carried hits like Jesa, Wadiwa with the Tuku guitar sample and Nditore which was rock n’ roll , something that was abstract so yeah I’ve always had a niche for pushing the envelope.

Mcpotar: You are quite popular for ghetto hustler songs, from Made It, Yzia, John Bhuru and recently Imhandu. Do you have songs that aren’t about the street in the coming Mixtape?

Gze: The mixtape Hustle-Mania is themed around the struggle to make earns in this rough tough and gritty city where the economy is deteriorating and unemployment is at it’s optimum high and the majority is forced to make money informally and the informal sector is basically the streets so it’s only natural that most joints depict what the streets taste feel and smell like. The joys and the grief. My music is a soundtrack of what that lifestyle on the streets is like but yeah there are other songs that speak on other things globally and personally. It’s my wish to display to that listeners that hip hop is not dumb and ignorant music but well thought out and intricate literature inspired by real life.

Mcpotar: So when did you write imhandu and tell us about the creation process till it was released.

Gze: I wrote it late last year we was coming from radio wit j brown dipped through a studio in Southerton, Take 5 (Take Fizzo) happened to be there work in on a project with Vito and I asked him to flip some beats and that’s that first one that came on.I just knew it was that one and I told him that’s it he don’t gotta play another beat. We set up a date for a session I went home to sharpen my daggers and two days later we had this jewel which is now the phenomenal imhandu.

Mcpotar: So what does Gze do besides music, as Resilience Chekera?

Gze: Principally I’m an entrepreneur Lol.that’s az much as I can say

Mcpotar: Thank you for your time, we await Hustle-Mania. Let’s make History.

Gze: Cheers bro!


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