A Few Ideas That May Boost Zimbabwean Hip-hop (Sponsored by @Zimtalenthunt)

Because of my great love for the Zimbabwean Hip-hop Movement, I would like to share with you all a few ideas that may boost hip-hop in the coming six months if you take them seriously and follow them. By the way these ideas may also help any other genre but I specifically wrote the down for my Hip-hop family to read and take action. Remember that after all this reading you will have to take some action. You do not have to do everything on this page but if you can please do.

To The Promoters

If Hip-hop is going to go anywhere, let us begin to pay our artistes for performances they do or give them some form of appreciation and compensation. In order for something to become an “industry” it has to have commercial gain, somehow eventually. Whilst you may always get these young guys to perform on the exposure ticket. Please also expose their bank accounts to deposits.

In the long run it helps them have enough money to build their brands and you will be able to charge more at the door for your audiences to see them. I do understand some of the shows are in the building phase but you should start brainstorming on revenue streams to pay the artistes even a token of appreciation.

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To Producers

Engage with other producers to create compilations. You can even start with a compilation by 2 or 3 producers from different stables this allows you to be heard at a larger scale because different fan-circles are going to notice. There is absolutely no need for producers to have feuds over artistes when both can collaborate and make the artiste a better product.

To Artistes

Do not confine yourselves to one producer or one set of artistes you collaborate with. You should have good social skills to step into any booth on both sides of any borders that may exist. Just like I advised the producers to do compilations together I have always felt a lot of artistes should start featuring on each other’s work. Of course they have to be in the same wavelength in terms of the art. One person who has been a strong advocate of this idea is T-One Wema One from Rehab. You will definitely see him even share and give good word about the works of artistes outside Rehab.

Artistes also need to have a price for their services but they have to be worth what they charge.  You cannot get paid until you confidently confirm that you are selling. Money may not come if you don’t know how to ask for it.

To The DJ’s

To both club and radio DJ’s we appeal for fair-play. You have tried your best to moderate good quality music for the listeners. I believe you should also search for new names you have never played on your shows and just introduce at least 3 new names a week. Talk to your show producers about it and grow with the movement. We also need Club DJ’s to play more local content than promote countries that do not do Zimbabwe in their lands.

To The Bloggers

Please add more details to articles you post about artistes. We need to write articles we are willing to write and need to ask artistes questions that help us create an article people want to read. Having blogged for a long time I can confirm that blog posts with embed and less text are not favoured by Google. If you have not been putting much details do not be surprised if site visits are low. It is not about the quantity of links you are able to post a week if they are not going to get visits. It’s about the quality of the article. Is it going to get the people interested in people you are talking about?

To The Fans

You are not obliged to support us but we need you. In fact rappers, producers and promoters are fans too, but then there are fans who are not involved directly as industry people. Please continue to support this movement and use our music as your ringtones, share our music on social media. Do you know that every-time you comment on our Youtube videos you help them rank higher in the search?

Most of all if we are selling the music please buy it and come to our shows.

To The Readers

Thank you for going through this article, whether you read it fully or skimmed through it. What the other things you think can boost   the movement and spread hip-hop.

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