A Few Details About Pajecha The Zim Cartoon Series

Pajecha is a new web series in which unthinQ Studios and Madhorofiya republic are handling the production. King Kandoro is handling all the writing whilst unthinQ Studios is handling the animated aspect.

It is a fusion of characters from King Kandoro’s creations and those from Mcpotar’s sketchbook. The project is made solid by voice overs from Monalisa K. Chishato (Moe), Brian Mandimika (Cashbid), Ellen Alex Mubwanda, King Kandoro and Mcpotar.

The animated series is meant to give one a glimpse into a Zimbabwean ghetto through truthful humour.

The reason Mcpotar decided to rope in Kandoro for the writing is that he admires previous and current work from Kandoro done under the Madhorofiya tag. The division of roles in this case allows everyone to play to their strengths and create a bigger product than themselves.

Prior to this it was very characteristic of Mcpotar to do solo projects in which he was in almost every fundamental part of production. The same can be said about King Kandoro.

The whole Pajecha team has excellent minds, for instance both Ellen Alexa and Monalisa are great writers, whilst Cashbid is a great Graphic designer and has handled a large part of the cartoon’s graphics. Unthinq also enjoys a reserve of other rising creatives such as Gregg Seke Anim8 and Qda Sibbz, Tanyaradzwa Masaire, Aytee and Ireus.

The series is expected to run for 12 episodes but you can watch the first episode of Pajecha below. It has music from the legendary Gudo Guru.

You can also subscribe to the unthinQ Channel via this link 

Or the Madhorofiya Republik channel via this link

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