8 Women You May Include On Your To Marry List

Early this week I promised to come up with what I call a “to marry” list. I only announced the “To Marry List” thing as a joke earlier this week, but finally decided to sit down and think about it. Now guys, this is the list of women I recommend that if you date, you should save up and actually marry. The women in this list have been handpicked for different reasons that qualify them for this list. This is not similar to the popular “10 Most Beautiful Zim Women” lists we have seen, but it may contain beautiful women. If you’re already dating any of these women, better not take them for granted, also this list should come as no offence to you but rather a compliment of the good choice you made. No disrespect to anyone included or excluded.


  1. Lorraine Chinouriri


Lorraine Chinouriri Face Of GlobeFor being a pro-active mum who has guts to venture into things this patriarchal society has often expected men to be in, she makes the list. She has a warm and generous heart and despite growing up in the United Kingdom, Lorraine knows how to speak Shona (her native language fluently). She is a business woman, started her first business at 14, has done TV in the UK and is a former model. I am still trying to convince her to hop onto a flight with me so we have kids in Syria, but she always has this to say, “Lmao, Mike unopenga.” This lady has taught me a lot of stuff that makes Mcpotar what he is today and continues to impart her business acumen to me. Imagine what she’d do for you if you were married to her. – Her website is : lorraineloves.com

 Watch her video below

  1. Chipo Biti

Chipo Biti Ted Talk

She’s a published author who will bring you closer to the author of life, she is focused on Christ in an inspiring way. See, what I like about her is her understanding of how relationships work and the value of women as evidenced by her blog Chronicles Of Every Women. Chipo Biti...? Is she related to...? – Yes. Not only is she related to the former minister but she also ministers to depressed people. I know you guys love the booting and all, but come on this a woman of substance that your mum will be proud to see. Did I mention she’s the most gifted female writer by my standards. I have a book she wrote so she can probably write you sweet letters and all. Watch her Ted Talk below.

  1. Tannia N’yasha Ngwena

N'yasha dame Jungle Music


She sometimes calls herself N’yasha Dame. Now this one is for you if you wanna have lots of fun but still keep it hunnit’ on the intellectual side of things. She is a Record Label person, all about the music. Yeah, my kind of stuff. You just have to be a lateral thinker though because she has alternative views on religion, politics and culture. However her work ethic and the way she values Africa is attractive. I’d say she is a thinker and in fact the first interaction we had was about some new age philosophies.

  1. Tadiwa Chimbodza (MissOhfficial)

Tadiwa ChimbodzaOf course I wouldn’t forget, Zaangoma’s own Tadiwa Chimbodza. Taku said the list would be fake if she wasn’t there and he was right. Some say she looks like Jhene Aiko. I mean she has  gorgeous eyes , a brain and a beautiful face. Attractive figure as well, off-set I will be checking her out hangu. My part time French tutor ,Tadi’  has incredible work ethic that many women may lack. Tadiwa is motivated by a lot of things and she has good taste buds for fashion. She practically makes her own clothes under the brand Maison De Rouge. That’s why she makes the To-Marry-List. - Watch Tadiwa On Zaangoma


  1. Vimbayi Munonyara “Phoebe”


The definition of a liberated 21st century female. She’s a South African based Marketing Consultant, who knows the value of women. I love her perspectives even those that do not interweave with my own. Her opinions on what love is alone should incline a man to seriously consider raising for a beautiful wedding no doubt. You gotta love these career women who know their value.

6. Misred

Misred Coke On The Beat

Those who don't want Misred on their list raise your hand...

1, 2... thought so. Just 2 out of 10. The 2/10 that have never heard about this  fast rising media personality. She has a thing for fashion and has been mentioned in many beautiful women lists. Of course she makes the to-marry-list for that and other things. Her love for the art and even concern about hip-hop makes her even more attractive (yes ladies, hip-hop makes your skin perfect). A media personality, started off at radio, now seeing posts about her doing Coke on  the beat. You will never go to work looking shabby because she's in fashion plus you have more reason to wake up daily and get on your grind, though she is the type of 21st Century woman who will hustle with you. Another career woman, making moves and deserving to walk the aisle. Visit Her website here - http://www.imisred.com

Watch her on Tsuey Says' Youtube Channel - What's in my bag


7. Samantha Emberton

Samantha Amberton

One of the warmest characters you'll ever know.  Samantha is beautiful and has very great ambitions of owning her own restaurant, though for now she's kicking it at Telecel. I actually only bought a Telecel line in honour of her majesty. She has an amazing sense of humour and her love for her pet Brownie, just inclines her for inclusion in out "to-marry-list". Wel nourished skin, the right figure and perfect grooming. If you marry this girl , allow her to suggest how you should dress for the rest of your life. this list would be incomplete without Sammie. I have a thing for ladies with great eyes like hers.

8. Diana Elisha

She just looks the part, that's all I gotta say. She's a graphic designer and a princess like Diana. Well this photo was particularly inspiring, when i was stalking through her uploads one day after scripting one of those When I Was High Series things, plus she downloaded Rukudzo, which is extra marks plus it's good for her skin.

Diana Elisha

But look at that picture, imagine coming home to that?


Of course all these women may have their personal flaws which you may discover by dating them. The article is based on ideals that stand out. It is a passion topic to shift attention from daily routine Hip-hop commentary.

02:07 AM on the 2nd of August, my list is done. Travelling back to Karoi in a matter of hours so I need to get some rest.I did this list in Bulawayo, I know many of you will want to modify mine but feel free to make yours (or copy mine). Regai tirare isu...





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