8 Interesting Ideas Conveyed In Mcpotar- Like Me ft Annie

Mcpotar just dropped a song featuring a Bulawayo based fashion designer called Annie. The song is entitled “Like Me” and was produced by Amvis Instruments and recorded on Independence Day. It ties it’s relevance to Independence Day because it is about an independent woman who is declining advances from a regular man. There are some ideas you can pick up from the concept of the whole song about Mcpotar, Annie, women and society at large.

mcpotar annie like me

  1. Mcpotar is generally attracted to a woman with vision, ambition and independence as expressed in his first lines. His lines do not primarily talk about any physical beauty till later in the second verse.
  2. Annie aspires to build an empire and this is true for her real life. She has been working hard from mid 2013 to penetrate the Zimabwean fashion industry. She has practically been to most events that matter surrounding Fashion. She is definitely about building her own brand.
  3. Mcpotar likes women that seem to be  a challenge. It seems the more they close the borders on him he continues to apply for the “VISA”. The concept of being hard to get is expressed throughout this song.
  4. Independent women generally try to avoid unnecessary stress that may be involved with dating a regular guy, which may hinder their goals. To them it’s not worth it because, being an average guy does not mean that one will not cheat on them. All men established or poor cheat so they’d rather not be hurt by 2nd best. “Aint try’na be played by a regular figure/

She just working on her grind – Try’na be bigger/”

  1. Mcpotar is attracted to big bodied women. This idea is conveyed by the line

“I know you like it when am flexing and glad you not an anorexic” in the second verse.

  1. While most women think that men feel insecure when a woman is more established. There is a breed of man that feel good about dating an established girls. This idea is expressed by the line. “I walk to my job but she up in a Beamer/ If I get her on a daily I’mma be like a winner”

This means that this guy is not threatened by the fact that she is established. Though he obviously is try’na get his hussle on. He will not let socio-economic status tamper with his chase.

  1. Some men just never give up J
  2. Some women tend to decline men based on socio-eeconomic status and it is portrayed by the role of Annie.

“Whatchu know about me? Tell me why you cant see you can’t get with a girl like me…” Please Download The Song Here [wpdm_file id=16]

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