7 Ways To Support Your Artiste Friend

Being an artiste in Africa is a hard job because most artistes are basically independent not signed to major labels). However the work that has to be done in broadening their reach is hard to do independently. They need a helping hand. If you have an artiste as a friend or in your family you may want to help them out in these simple ways:

(I advise artistes to share this article with their family members. However family members are not obliged to support you. It should be out of their own free will)


  1. Listen To Their Music

Most artistes after their product is complete are excited to forward their music to a friend or family member for an exclusive listen before it even is released. Do not be the relative or friend who ignores that song and is the last to hear it. The reason that person chose you to listen to it before everyone else is because they placed you in a special position. No matter how small their career is, be supportive from the start.


Many friends accuse their artiste friends of neglecting them after success, but perhaps they too never showed that they cared when the artiste was in his humble beginnings. Artistes will always favour those who never doubted them or took them for granted.


  1. Buy Their Music

So maybe you do download the MP3’s for exclusive listens, which is fantastic. However if your artiste friend is selling his music do not be the one to pirate or leak their songs. That is the equivalent of betraying them with a kiss. In fact I encourage you to buy the music too though you are able to get it for free. Buying their music will show your support and will sow a seed that will allow their carreers to flourish.


  1. Give Them Constructive Criticism

Music from our friends and family is not always up to par. They may be very excited and in love with their new record. However if you feel that there are parts of that record that would have been done better find good ways of balancing the positives and negatives in such a way that they receive your constructive criticism. Highlighting all the weakness and ignoring the strengths will come off as “hating on them”.


Always establish a good angle and even in your negative comments support them or you really will just be hating.


  1. Share Their Links On Social Media

One of the rules in persuasive marketing is that if many different voices talk about the same thing it will gain more reach. Do not let your friend or relative share a link alone. Participate in the sharing of his or her links. If they need radio votes take part in asking people to vote for your friend online. If the artiste is a grateful person they will see this and it will mean a lot to them.


  1. Promote Their Music Wherever You Can

If you’re driving you may want to mix music of other known artistes with your friends music in the playlist. Feel free to tell the passengers who the artiste is. You may also play their music at events you have control over (if appropriate) or even at the workplace. Be an ambassador of their art.


  1. Help Them With Ideas

Sometimes best friends give the best ideas though they may not be artistes themselves. If you have ideas of things you think you would do if you were an artiste why don’t you suggest them to your artiste friend so he can try them out. If they are rejected, do not despair at least you did your part but in order for them to be accepted use a good approach. Never be condescending to anyone because people have egos and do not want to feel belittled by advice.


  1. Tell Them To Read The Music Industry Section of Mcpotar.Com

If you browse through the music industry category (opens in next tab) of this website you will find out that there are may tips that can help your artiste friend.  They can access the resource via this link. I have also compiled some 2015 suggestions for your artiste friends here. (open link in new tab)

Let’s connect and share ideas on twitter. @Mcpotar


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