7 Upcoming Female Hip Hop Artistes You Should Be Listening To Right Now


From its dawning  to its permeation into urban  mainsteam culture ,hip hop remains  male dominated in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world. With only a few female hip hop artistes managing to stand out this year in the mainstream(Trae Yung,Dj Naida,BlacPerl etc)females still have a lot to achieve in the hope of thriving in hip hop circles. A few have come and gone  (Dice, Alvina) with Amelia passing on with a prosperous future that lay ahead of her.There are new queens on the scene now, girdled up to tackle the hinges of the rap game with the  aim of pushing against the competition in form of their male counterparts. Here are some of the upcoming female hip hop artistes that you might want to add to your playlist and watch  out for as they groom themselves for success.



18012_840833362663930_3255576815084574304_nAssociated Acts:Dutch(Show Time Records),TRK,J Lawless

Born Farai Makoni ,Radio Fien has been in the musical circles for a while now.Her first song entitled ‘Whats Up’ produced by J lawless was her bridging gap to the hip hop circles.She went on to do ”The Way and ‘Tilll The Early Morning which were produced by Willy Monfret.Her ‘Casualty of Love ‘ track managed to find its way  amongst local radio stations.This year,the rapper dropped  ‘The One’ a Dutch produced track and the visuals to the track set in South Africa,Johannesburg  which was directed by one of the prolific video directors in S.A at the moment, Kyle White .Radio_fien is energetic and creative with a potential musical career that will take her places.



2.ICY MURDA(@IcyFRE)11412346_832545173480928_1681026008607106290_n

Associated Acts:Baller Mandizha,AMTNT Music

The S.A based Icy Murda might be a familiar name with her collaboration with Baller Mandizha on  ‘Put It On Repeat’.Starting off rapping in high school where she picked up her monicker,Icy Murda is fierce on the mic with a streak of gangsterism and yet maintaining a feminine stance in her rhymes.

3.Femcee Awa (@FemceeAWA)

Associated Acts: AMTNT Music


Femcee Awa is from Bulawayo and is affiliated with AMTNT Music.With a music career spanning   back from the year 2010 when she was still under Makokoba Township Records ,the rapper has grown enough to share the stage with notable artists with her Shoko Festival appearance last year.Her sound is poetic with a fusion of old school hip hop elements and new school elements.


4.Sheila K Young (@sheilakyoung21)10477882_742183512490667_3283962038729833238_n

Associated Acts:Kidd Aktive, JacksonZimboy,Trevor Dongo

UZ student and model turned rapper Sheila K Young is still in the mist of growth with only a few features to her name.She featured recently on Kidd Aktive’s Musoro Pasi Remix and on Jackson Zimboy’s ‘Zvakunakidza’ and  is set to release an EP early 2016.



5.Nemo Da Nemesis(@Nemo_Da_Nemesis)Nemo

Associated Acts: AMTNT MUSIC,Terry Poter Rain

The Bulawayo  upcoming rapper signatured  her rapping  mark with her  first solo track titled ‘Money and Bars’ which managed to  make  noise amongst hip-hop circles in Bulawayo.The song recites the hustles of an (f)emcee trying to make a living from the rap industry.With a style infused with a poetry background Nemo Da Nemesis is one raw  storyteller to be impressed with.

6.Tru North (@emilliatrunorth)11071738_10206340322566531_4745174795773612916_n

Associated Acts:Cashbid(cypher) Meyniak(cypher), Sharky(cypher)Chullyr,Alpha Centauri

The LLB graduate cum rapper has been rapping since her college days.Born Emilia Mandaza,Tru North has been making underground with outstanding features on Love Triangles,produced by FTR and making a stance in a cypher featuring Meyniak,Cashbid,Sharky and Savage.Her musical aura is flawless with fresh and distinctive rhymes that project her as a rapper with raw talent.    .


7.Whitney Cash(@whitneycashbaby)


Associated Acts:The Hitmen ZW

Whitney Cash is a Harare based rapper who is affiliated with The Hitmen .Her first single ‘Wannabe’ laid her pace as one of the hip female emcees around with cheeky lyrics and an edgy personality.She is set to release a mixtape soon under the production of The Hitmen.



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Hip hop is alive and well…Stay Woke

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