7 Reasons Clever Artistes Join Zim Talent Hunt (@Zimtalenthunt)

Chamillionaire once said poor means (passing over opportunities repeatedly) and I agree with him. I can’t really say I know all the secrets to success but I do know that small gestures collectively make a difference. Zim Talent Hunt established a website in 2013 and has successfully managed grow from 0 likes on Facebook to over 40,000 in a space of year.
It has also held various auditions, events and allowed artistes to get recognition on radio. If you’re an artiste in Zimbabwe you already know that it is hard to get a performance that gets in the eyes of the masses, press coverage and radio. Yet the Zim Talent Hunt Finalists tell a tale of coming from being latent (hidden) to being in the newspapers and kicking it with names you would normally pay to see.
Here are 7 Reasons Smart indies (unsigned artistes) should register for Zim Talent Hunt.

1. Google Loves Zim Talent Hunt – Google Search loves website like Zim Talent Hunt, because they consistently talk about one subject – Zim Talent. This is probably the biggest online directory with rising artistes of all genres from Zimbabwe. Directories get a lot of traffic, that’s a well-known fact on the web. If you can get yourself in a free web directory that directory to your music, you’re very likely to get discovered by Zim Talent itself or an independent agent. The difference is when you’re on any other site from abroad the focus will not be Zim Talent and you will be easily over-ridden. Worse still you have seen how they make you buy expensive packages to get ranked. Yet Zim Talent allows to be there for free.

2. Registration is free– Like I mentioned in the last point, registration to this directory is free and also does not require any complicated codes like other international directories out there. You have nothing lose and a lot to gain from filling out a very good profile. The free exposure from all that search engine traffic can land you opportunities even that are independent of Zim Talent Hunt itself.


3. Mentorship – Zim Talent Hunt has built relations with very renowned artistes and media personnel who are prepared to share wisdom you would otherwise pay seminars and piles of books to get. Information you would usually have to wait 5 years to get if you were learning from experience. But then if you waited for experience you would out-live your prime like many great talents you have seen fade out and get caught up in the life before they ever shone. Mentors are different from advisors in that they have already walked the path of greatness.

4. Networking with industry gurus – Because Zim Talent Hunt is already affiliated with many great industry gurus. If you happen to qualify to the next level of their contests you get to rub shoulders with the very people who run media in Zimbabwe and this is a big advantage because your material will get those much-needed co-signs that will get you 50 more twitter followers on the day. They will also do your production in a high-end studio and all you have to do is to get to the net level of the contest.

5. Networking with other artistes – Zim Talent Hunt is a huge directory in which you can find the next female vocalist, the pianist or the visual artiste you want to collaborate with. Why pose a question on Facebook that wont get answered when the answers are in the Zim Talent Directory. Likewise you too can be found via this sound and that collaboration can turn out to be a paid job.

6. Zim Talent Hunt has Facebook Reach – Zim Talent Hunt has established itself as an authority by proving it could get it’s artistes to rise. Even Power FM DJ’s where praising Nicholas’ New Day song which features Shinso. Their Facebook reach which is approaching 50,000 likes will definitely work to your advantage when they share your work on the page. Like I have been saying, besides the benefits they directly give you,, in the 50,000 reach lie other opportunities.

7. First Class Showcases – It’s okay to perform at open mic sessions and many open mic sessions have landed artistes in stadiums yet they have small audiences. If a small open mic can get an artiste that much mileage how much more coverage will your performance for Zim Talent Hunt get when it’s in a high-end hotel with guests like Tich Mataz announcing you as the winner?


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