7 Dumb Things Hip-hop Artistes Should Stop Doing

1. Tagging to many people every-time they post a photo – Tagging is a good way to harness interaction. I tend to do it a lot as well, but some individuals can get out of hand and tag people to more than 9 updates a day. On twitter it is worse, where people tag 9 popular people to the post such that u cant see the message. To much clutter.

2. Posting song links on peoples posts – Unless somebody asked for song links on a post I think only a moron would place his link on a post which is talking about Magaya. Even though the post may have exceeded 100 comments it’s stupid to think people debating about Magaya will all of a sudden click an unrelated link. The only links logical to post under a debate are those that have to do with the subject matter.
3. Posting Links To New People With No Hie – Posting links to people you who just added you to their friendlist without getting to know them is rude. If you are the type that engages in this behaviour I hope you get ignored a lot.
4. Being Cry Babies – If radio, TV, newspapers or any medium wont let you in, find out methods to beat the system in your own way. Radio is the best medium to be heard by a wide audience in Zim, but radio broadcasts to even people who wont like your song anyway. The fact that 1000 people are tuned in doesn’t mean 1,000 care. On the other hand, targeted traffic to Hip-hop listeners on an online station for Hip-hop means 100% of the listeners already like Hip-hop (or they wouldn’t subscribe to a Hip-hop radio station).

5. Thinking CD Sales Are The Only Revenue Stream -Music or CD sales are no longer the only means through which artistes can make money. There are a lot of other things like sale of merchandise, endorsements, royalties for movies, shows , adverts and so forth. But you can’t get some of these if you didn’t pitch the proposal…. Even a child with 15 points can fail to get a Scholarship if he doesn’t apply.

6. TYPING TO BLOGGERS/JOURNALISTS IN CAPITAL LETTERS – WHO ARE YOU YELLING AT? Calm the f*** down, that’s way to much clutter. Type emails to people in sentence case it looks more professional and usually include details in a PDF or Docx File rather than a press release in the body of the email.

7. Feeling Like The World Owes Them – No one owes you attention. people will give attention to the highest bidder. When your career is not doing too well do not blame it on ZiFM, Star FM, Power FM or blogs. Do not blame it on fans. Blame it on yourself…. We owe you nothing. Getting anyones ears and attention is a priviledge not a right. My ears, my choice, my drive space, my choice, my opinion, my choice.

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