6 Steps You Can Take – Blasting Your Stereo With- Young Nash (@YoungNashlee)- Freshing Out #Zimhiphop

I’m not a party kind of guy but I’d say Young Nash was ordained to make beats that make you want to move your body to the rhythm. He is surely good at this no lie. I discovered his song in one of my download folders. This is actually a late review because I hadn’t been going through most of the music I download. March and April were hectic, but it’s in time to rock your stereo. The toughest part of blogging in a growing #ZimHiphop industry is keeping up with tweets and trends but we’re are going to collectively work on that.

Here are a  few simple things I want you to do today.

Step 1

Open this link in a new tab and keep this tab open for the follow up instructions. For now click on the download link or begin to stream the audio. Alternatively if you are using a great browser like some of us you can do all that at the bottom of this post.

Step 2

Click the share button and  also tweet it to your followers. It would be selfish of you not to give them this song. Totally inconsiderate. The bars in this track incline it to a share.

Step 3

Now begin to dance to that rhythm. If you are in a good space, get off that share. Keep these tabs open. I haven’t asked you to close them now. If you’re a girl you might consider doing one of those twerk video things. The artiste will surely appreciate it. Sing along to the hook while you’re at it. If anyone asks you what you’re doing. Tell them, you’re having a Zim Hip-hop moment.

Step 4

Come back to your seat, please follow this link where you can actually follow this guy. If he is not one of those “hollywooders” he will certainly follow you back in reasonable doubt. I encourage him to do so. Realizing this blog is mostly read by rap artists, you can actually organize beats with this guy if you’re looking at something for the parties.

Step 5

Send this song to whatever device you use to play music on the go. It may be an i-pod, phone or walk-man. Just get it out there.

Step 6

Young Nash is a great rapper and producer. Multitalented he says, so are other people we have reviewed in this blog, you might want to take a look at other songs I have taken time to review besides this post and just so you never miss any update of mine you can open this link in a new tab and like my page too. You can also retweets this post to so that everyone gets to read the instructions.

Youngnash (Youngarts) – Freshing Out

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