6 English Words That Slang Ruined For Us

Mrs. Ncube, my High School English teacher once told me that a word means very little until it is put in a sentence. Indeed the meaning of a word is only made clear by the context in which it is used. Whilst the dictionary seems to give definite meanings of words,  it can only guide one to verify the possible context. For example Cabinet can refer to a group of Political ministers, yet the same word can refer to a wooden cupboard. Both meanings are formal.

Slang however, over the years has tampered with the meanings and context of many words. Today we will only discuss 6 within the English language.

Grafica slang

  1. Gay


The word gay, is thought to have it’s origins in the 12th century where it was derived from the French word “gai” which means “joyful”, “carefree”, “full of mirth”, or “bright and showy”. However in the 17th century it became associated with the euphemism, “pleasures of loose and immoral life”, eventually leading to it meaning one is gay (a homosexual)… so you can’t use the word gay to say you’re gay about your birthday. It’s totally gay.


  1. Thirsty


Well thirsty has always reffered to the urge to have a beverage when one feels dehydrated, but of course our decadent society has turned that dehydration to a sexual dehydration. So much that thirsty now means one is craving for sexual pleasure either temporarily or as a nymphomaniac. Now everytime I’m thirsty on a hot day, I have to make it clear that I’m “dehydrated”.


  1. Come


Well the real word that spoilt this word for us is actually “cum” but well in speech it both sounds the same so be careful not to use the word “come” in a confusing context. You might confuse people who have their brains in the gutter. Which is pretty much 80% of regular twitter users…. assuming you are not a twitter user, it means to “ejaculate”, “have an orgasm”, “semen” (not the phone) or to “cum” (if you are on twitter).


  1. Faggot


Faggot originally refers to  a bundle of wood in the United States. In the UK, a ball of meat mixed with herbs, fried or cooked in sauce. Well just like gay, it ended up meaning gay. So when looking for a bundle of wood at a boy scout cap, please don’t say soething like, “I’m looking for a faggot to heat up” (meaning: I am looking for a bundle of wood to burn.) Unless of course you are looking for a faggot.


  1. Ass


That word up there is an old English term for a Donkey. If you watched Leon Schuster’s Mr. Bones you ay remember the statement.


“Lelethi, get your ass over here!”


To which Bones questioned her, “You have a donkey,”


Well I am not really sure if they ruined this one for me.


  1. Waxing


Wax is the substance used to make candles and floor polish. So waxing originally means to polish.  The term has been transferred to slang in that context where waxing also means, “polishing up” a product. You may have heard producers talk about “waxing” these beats and such. However it also hold a third and sexual meaning. In the 90’s it referred to sexual intercourse. So be careful once again on the context you use that word.


There you have it ladies and gentlemen. For ore articles just follow me on twitter to get the updates on the go. @Mcpotar

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