50 Cent – “Get Rich Or Die Trying Mentality In The Music Business”- And Why It Works

50 Cent is one the biggest risk takers in the hip-hop music industry as we all know. Even before he went independent, he had a somewhat independent way of looking at music. He wasn’t always looking at the record labels budgets but rather he was investing in himself.

50 CentThe rapper had a harsh early life and has consistently said he got his mentality because there was not much to lose. He decided to make his own business decisions as an individual because that was the only thing that would lead him to true success given that record labels now had weak marketing budgets to allocate to artistes because the digital music age shifted a lot. 50 Cent did not wait for a labels marketing budget on shooting 2007 “I Get Money” because if he had waited his timing would have gone out of line, he injected his money to be later reimbursed by the label. As you can see he already had the mentality of an indie, investing in oneself. No one can be ready to invest in you other than yourself and I believe if independent artistes are going to make it in this industry they need to grab that philosophy.

50 Cent encourages that artistes build a brand around themselves and that way they are not only selling albums but are rather selling a product that they own. You will realize 50 Cent invested in Merchandise early on even when album sales mattered in the industry. It is a s he thought ahead of time, because many rappers that were making money in that time are now nowhere to be seen on the map while a few that have not been afraid to make their own business decisions like Jay Z are still around.

As an independent artiste trying to rise up in an industry of wolves and lions you now need to get up and invest in yourself. Invest money, knowledge and skill and create something that fulfils someones need in a unique way. It’s all about adding value to your band and your presence. Hope this has been helpful.

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