5 Ways To Market Yourself As An Artist (@Zimtalenthunt)

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5 Ways To Market Yourself As An Artist:


A lot of my friends happen to be in the music business doing one thing or the other. Some are successful and some are trying to rise. Amongst the ones that have benefitted reach and success I found these 5 to be critical fators that one should ignore at their own risk.

  1. Tell your story – One of the best ways anything has ever been marketed is through the use of stories. People love to hear stories so much that they eavesdrop in the public bus when you’re talking about something unrelated to them. Religions self propagate through stories in their scripture and even Jesus used parables to drive points through. Here is My Story


Think about it….


Without The 50 Cent guns shot story, would he have made as much impact? (I know his music is great)


Michael Jackson’s story about being beat up by his father to perform connected his fans to him emotionally.


  1. Get In The News – I think the news is the biggest marketing plan you can ever get on. Whether it’s television or radio from a credible source. People begin to take you seriously at this stage and the best way I’ve known to get you in the knews is to do something beyond what other artistes are doing, do performances, videos and newsworthy things. On the other hand, unless your brand is built upon controversy do not do anything that will put you in negative light. Befriend journalists and build mutual relationships with them. Do not bribe them for if you do, you will always have bribe to be in the media. Work ethically and lawfully.


  1. Create A Healthy Facebook Presence – Facebook is undoubtedly one of the biggest online networks where you can befriend people of like interest and market your music to them. While you’re at it keep your updates interesting with awesome none promotional content, pictures and links so that you become that one individual whose links people do not want to miss. Once people like clicking your stuff even which is non promotional it will be easy to get them to click your promotional posts too and share them with love.


For detailed information on how to use Facebook for promotion click here.


  1. Put your number in IDv3 META Tags – This is a concept I learnt from Anonzi Xndr, I must admit. He produces a lot of material a year and his number is practically on every single song he has produced. In fact when I did my first production with him I had got his number from a song. Why not put a number of your manager for bookings in the meta tags, you will never know whose PC it may reach. If you don’t like your number everywhere put your twitter handle.

The reason being if people follow you on twitter they are more likely to keep seeing your posts.

  1. Blog – If you can please blog a lot about any topic of interest. It is a brilliant marketing strategy that allows people to engage with you at an opinion and emotional level. It allows you to be seen by people who would have otherwise ignored your music links. You can blog about finance, you life, music as long as it’s interesting you will do well. To get more tips on how you can blog as an artiste (click here).
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