5 Things I Learnt From Sharky -( @iamsharkyzim)

Sharky is a rising rap artiste based in Zimbabwe, currently under Big Shots (G-Records). He has recorded and featured in numerous good projects and has done a lot of rap songs in a short time-span. The Chitungwiza born rapper also known as Marshall Muchenje says he moved out from home to start working at 19 because the odds were stacked against him getting tuition to further studies though he did well in school.

In the few years I have been in touch with Sharky though he is younger than I am I have come to learn a few things that make him a vibrant character to be around.

Be Respectful

You can never go wrong as long as you respect yourself in this music industry. Sharky  first of all respects himself by building an identinty which is associated with the reality of his locality. He does so very well before he spreads that positivity with others. DJ Krimz Beatz of Ikonik music once said, ‘There is no youngster as respectful as Sharky. This is because Sharky’s respect for individuals  is consistent. He maintains the spirit of ubuntu that wants to identify age and rank of individuals. He pays attention to systems in place and I thank Gwagz and Klasiq for maintaining such a group of artistes. It runs in their  G- Records Family.

This is what makes it easier to hand Sharky any opportunities. When ever there is something other young artistes are meant to benefit from you can count on Sharky as one of them. He will be on the list.

Work On Your Craft

I’m not regularly in Harare but the times I do visit I always find Sharky and Meyniak in the studio working on their craft. They also happen to attend open mic sessions at The Book Café to watch other artistes and take feedback. It also helps them polish their act. One day they will be called to perform in big stadiums and they’d have done so many rehearsals.  I like working with Sharky because he motivates me to work on my craft. I look at his age and even the bars he has contributed to collaborations I did with him and I’m moved by that it is quite inspiring. Sharky can remember a verse he just wrote at one go and it’s been hard for me to get to that level because I’ve been sleeping on this craft.

Be Proud Of Where You Come From

No matter which Harare suburb Sharky lives in he will always say something about Chitungwiza where he is from. He also is proud to throw around his totem a lot which to me shows pride in his identity as a rapper. In 2013 he contributed the song Chitungwiza to the Big Shots Summers Ours – Compilation.

In this song he said a lot of things which you can visualize in your brain and have a day in Chitungwiza without leaving your seat. Conversations with him will reveal to you how much he is an Afrocentric individual.

Be Ready To Learn

Respect, identity and working on ones craft may only come from an individual who is ready to learn. These elements are inherent in individuals that are inquisitive and pay an ear to suggestions. Sharky take criticism positively and is able to explain his position without being sore about negative feedback. If he is looking for direction he requests a map from those who have found the way.

You may have seen him adding value and perfecting his craft by article writing. It keeps him in touch with the world around him and connects him to people he wouldn’t have otherwise met whom he can also learn from. Even at his personal job, Sharky has experienced a lot of promotions. Despite the odds stacked against him earlier in life, he is coming up because he is a gifted mind.

Don’t Let Anyone Despise Your Youth

Whether you are Sharky, Justin Beiber or R.Kelly. No matter how young or young at heart you are, you can make it if you have respect, a positive mind and a motivation to achieve your goals. Sharky is a living example of someone who refuses to be unheard in these noisy jungles. At the early age of 19 he had no time to waste crying aboutwhat could have been. He allowed that to bleed in his music and he will be releasing his debut album Tales Of A Shark in the near future.

You can access his music anytime and stream it on http://soundcloud.com/itsharky

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