5 Expert Tips On How To Remain Unknown Like Cashbid (@cashbid87)

Keeping your music away from the masses can be a very daunting task, but thank goodness. In this article I have laid out the blueprint on how to make sure nobody cares about your music. Without wasting any time let me dive in. I got a few expert tips from Cashbid, whom you obviously don’t know. –


Don’t Improve Your Craft


Music is a gift that is supposed to come naturally, it’s either you have it or you don’t. Why practice or learn from others? Learning new ways of delivering your music will allow a lot of people to see your music which is not what you want to achieve.


Stick to your one way of doing things and be very monotonous through out the album.


Lash Out At Reviewers who say you should improve


Since the first step or ensuring that your music remains unknown is to NOT improve your craft you should unfriend, block and lash out at anyone who gives you a genuine review about how you may improve your music. I advise you to totally burn bridges with them and block them on every social media portal they have a chance of communicating with you on. You cannot allow positive criticism to ruin you.


Don’t Publicize Your Music


By publicizing your music traditionally or via the internet you allow tons of people mto be exposed to it. Do not make copies of it on CD, Cassette or even Vinyl. Keep that music your harddrive and never listen to it without headphones. – Thank me later for this one.


Don’t Thank People Who Spread it


If by chance some roachie cultured human being finds that hidden mp3 in your computer and decides to share your music. Do not thank them at all.


If they give you compliments about how they are big fans of your music via Whatsapp, simply Bluetick them. Bluetick them to death…. in fact screenshot how you blueticked them and share it across all your social media outlets. Tag 79 people.


Make Sure Your Stage Name is Similar to another popular brand


Yes you can call yourself Colgate, just so we wont find you even on page ten on google search results…. well this is in case that roachie cultured neighbour of yours goes on to upload your music online arggh… these neighbours!!!


Don’t follow me on @Mcpotar on twitter for tips and all. By the way Cashbid’s name was used for entertainment purposes.

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