4 Zim Hip-hop Artistes That Resemble Popular American Rappers

Begotten Sun – Well Begotten Sun is talked about a lot on this blog. He is a multi-talented Hip-hop entrepreneur and I don’t even think that definition is enough to define him. He generally has control and influence on certain parts of the game. Innovative ideas, music production, fusing Hip-hop with Afrocentric Mbira sounds, an animator, business consultant all in one… Oh, and he is also a husband and a Dad as Kuda Musasiwa (govt name). I think this pic closely resembles BIG.


Asaph – This is a proudly Bulawayo born, bred and based artiste who to me looks like 2 Pac with hair. Of course he doesn’t have the jaw Pac had but if you look closely at the nose the beard and even his voice if you’ve had a chance to listen to the guy. It’s deep like Pac’s voice. The deilivery however is not Pac and no he hasn’t been arrested, neither is he having beef with Begotten Sun above… who looks like Biggie… at least in this post.
Asaph and Pac

Karizma  – Based in the UK this brother has blessed us with a lot of great tracks over the years, recently working on some new material which will be hitting the blog anytime soon. The brother knows that he looks like Pusha and people agree. Well he doesn’t have long braids and a little goatie to finish it off but the feature present are the nose, shape of face…. in fact he may have the best match here.Karizma

Mudiwa – I can’t believe Trevor didn’t want Diddy to grab his ZIMA Award for him…. well this guy is a gospel artiste, popular for his flamboyant tastes and high life. Something like if Stunner were a Pastor. You can see that we could almost mistake him for Diddy…Mudiwa


These posts are for entertainment purposes and if you don’t like us saying you look like these people chill out guys hahahahaha…. Just follow @Mcpotar on instagram and twitter.

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