24 Puns That Might Go Over Your Head Lil Jeda vs Tsano

So Madzitatiguru (Tendekai Tati) and I decided to compile about 24 puns the other day for fun. Some are likely to go over your head. I have basically divided them into a Table. Hope you enjoy them and share with someone who gets it.

Lil Jeda by Madzitatiguru Tsano by Mcpotar
1.      What do you call a cake that you finished eating?  —  “BAKED BEENS”


Q. What do Android phones study in University?


A. Battery Law


2.    So you mean to tell that Ammara BROWN is still COLOURED even without her Surname ?


Q.  If one of the X-Men saved Humpty Dumpty from falling, who would it be?


A. Proffessor “Egg-saviour”

3.      Ladies , don’t fall PREY  for Sex with a Prophet , Coz that’s Definitely not “HOLLY WOOD”


She asked me to buy her a $400 tablet, I said, “Are you that sick?”
4.    So FC Barcelona is not so MERCILESS When it is MESSI-less ,but that don’t mean the Game is MESSY any LESS though It’s too bad I can’t show off my Twitter mentions on MTV Cribs.
5.      If you dream of the Day during the Night, Does it qualify to become a Day Dream ??


Q. What do Kings use to lighten up their mood?


A. Castle Light.


6.    Most people have a BOSS that tells them “hey, YOU GO do this” While I Have a BOSS. I just call it “HUGO”


Yo’ bae-sic (Basic) like your girlfriend is in the Hospital.
7.      Eminem is a non-professional  Boxer , that Makes him a MARSHALL ARTIST


Q. What is the fate of most Coffee grains?


A. They get “mugged”.

8.    Shaka Zulu Sent 50 soldiers to a raid .  Of the 50 SENT , at least Half got RICH or DIED TRYING


Q. Can you sleep for the night in a library if you can’t find a lodge?


A. No! It’s always fully “booked”.

9.      What’s the Shona Plural of Adam?—- MADAM


It’s ironic how someone mind can become “sharper” after they smoke a “blunt”.
10. I suspect that people who have sex in  Public TOILETS always spell the Word  “LOVER-TORY” wrong


My foot used to get pricked by thorns in the street, but I went to Pastor Bata and it since got “heeled”.
11.  I was an OUTSTANDING student , that’s why I always Felt Like an OUTSIDER


When a prophet who performs “Signs and Wonders” presents a contract, a blind follower “signs and wonders”.
12. It’s a good thing that we don’t spell Our words when we Speak. That is why you can get away with Saying   ,   “Officer , This is a KNOWN-ALCOHOLIC Drink”


In Chemistry, Alcohol is actually a solution.
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